You CANNOT Be Saved in Your Sin

You CANNOT Be Saved in Your Sin

The biggest lie faced in the church is that you can be saved in your sin. It’s simply fantasy land to believe these lies, and Pastor Ray lays this out simply and clearly from the scriptures during today’s broadcast. (You can find the scriptures in the tags at the bottom of the post.)

So today, if you have difficulty with the statement that you cannot be saved In your sin, put a check in your heart beside unbelief.

Pastor Ray during today’s sermon

Is there hidden unbelief in your heart, or are you a religionist? It’s time to be honest with Jesus and let the lies fall to the wayside. You’ll never be released from prison until the lie of the sinning Christian has been broken from your heart.

Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a faith and a loyalty to a man named Jesus. 

Pastor Ray during this message