A Whole New Level of Devotion

A Whole New Level of Devotion

Today, Pastor Ray drew a line in the sand. The National Prayer Chapel will no longer maintain itself in survival mode while waiting on Jesus. Instead, it is time to depend on Jesus. The National Prayer Chapel has jettisoned the formal church structure. We are calling for a whole new level of devotion to Jesus Christ. This Sunday, we will baseline the church and return to the model in Scripture: the upper room.

For the rest of our lives on this earth, we will devote all our time and energy to laboring for revival in Washington, D.C. and America. We will totally depend on Jesus for finances and the Pentecost power of the Holy Spirit. We will begin this process this Sunday with confession, weeping, prayer, and sharing.

Will you come stand with us? Will you sacrifice your finances, time, and energy, and lay everything on the line for revival? If so, please visit us this Sunday at 12 noon at 14851 Gideon Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22191.

Pastor Ray will be LIVE on air tomorrow to speak more about this. Jesus is now birthing the National Prayer Chapel. It is completely settled in our minds that he is doing it right now. Please come if the Holy Spirit is calling you!


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