What Is Repentance?

What Is Repentance?

9-13-2017 What is Repentance? - Pilgrim's Progress Radio Broadcast
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When Jesus preached, he said, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Because repentance is the way that you enter the kingdom of God, it’s essential to understand the command. So what is repentance?

First, repentance is not feeling remorse because of the consequences of your sin. Repentance isn’t conviction. It isn’t an apology. And it isn’t simply trying to suppress desires and urges that you know are wrong.

Instead, repentance is a change of mind, heart, and behavior towards God and sin. It is a voluntary change of will, feelings, and life itself. True repentance always includes hating and forsaking sin and a great love for Jesus Christ.

The sinner who repents doesn’t feel like he’s losing something precious. Instead, he no longer desires his old sins. He strongly loves God and his law. His heart delights in obedience.

When you repent and honestly confess your sins to God, your heart will be all broken up. You’ll have tenderness, love, and feeling for the church, God, and the lost.

Does your life show that you’ve truly repented? Do you, in your heart, no longer have any desire for darkness? If not, will you repent today?