Walking through a Veil of Tears

Walking through a Veil of Tears

For centuries, true Christians have walked through a veil of tears because of their grief over a church choked by self-righteousness. Christians who set up Pharisaical standards, and then hold others to them, break relationships and cause division. Because people in this self-righteous spirit are so convinced that they are right, they don’t see the damage they cause to the people of God.

Jesus loves his church because it’s his body. And self-sacrificing love, explosive joy, and shalom mark the church of Jesus. This shalom is peace that comes from provision. Instead of judging a brother or sister, we are curious. We love and support them, even if it requires us to sacrifice from our own life.

But, if we strike and bite at those in the church, we strike and bite at Jesus. If we judge the church, we judge Jesus. This self-righteousness, unforgiveness, and judgmentalism grieves the Holy Spirit and utterly blocks revival.

Has someone told you to repent of judgments in your heart? Have you responded by hardening your heart, accusing the other person of being judgmental, and breaking fellowship? Such a response will never bring the Holy Spirit. Instead, the Holy Spirit falls when someone finally begins to weep and cry and repent of their own self-righteousness.

Isn’t it time to stop talking about revival, and start walking in revival?