Wake Up!

Wake Up!

Many Christians admit, “We need revival.” But then, they become defensive when confronted about their sin. However, confrontation of sin is the first stage of revival. Why? Because revival presupposes sin and backsliding in the church. So in the first stage of revival, a preacher calls Christians to repentance and holiness. Next, he or she is able to teach Christians how to be soul-winners. Then the church mobilizes, and each individual brings the lost to evangelistic meetings. They pray and counsel those anxious about their souls and lead them to Christ. The church begins to grow daily. Christians then form mission groups and aggressively battle sin in their community. As a result, the kingdom of God truly comes on the earth as it is in heaven.

On the other side, Jesus warns us of the danger of being one of the five foolish virgins. If a Christian sins and refuses to be revived, Jesus will return as the Judge of the Earth and throw that person into the furnace of fire. While God’s redemption is near, will you quickly enter into personal revival so that you can promote revival in your city and the nation?


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