The Two Ditches of Humanism (2013)

The Two Ditches of Humanism (2013)

In Part 2 of this series from 2013, Pastor Ray discusses the two ditches of humanism. On the one side, there is the ditch of sentimentalism, which is a mile wide but skin deep but fails to deals with the reality of our sinful nature. Most who are serious about following Jesus will see the falseness in this and leave the shallowness of this path.

The ditch on the opposite side of the road is much more nuanced and designed to comfort the natural man because the flesh is comforted by doing “better” and “fighting against sin”. Going down this ditch involves a stronger awareness of sin but implies that we’ll never be free, so we’ll be on the merry-go-round of self-improvement for the rest of our life. Just do your best and God will make up the rest. Much of the church is in one ditch or the other and have used these ditches, perhaps unconsciously, as a means to avoid dealing with their rebellion before a holy God and avoiding the necessity of being crucified with Christ.

We urge you to be a good Berean and to search the scriptures and make that conscious choice to abandon all sin and to be crucified with Christ (and to listen to this series in its entirety). If you’ve been caught in one of these ditches, there is deliverance available to you but it will cost you everything, are you willing to pay the price?


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