Trust in the Presence of God

Trust in the Presence of God

Jesus identified three conditions that a person must meet to be in the presence of God. The first is to deny yourself. The second is to take up your cross. And the third is to follow Jesus. So what does this mean, practically?

One common mistake is confusing the call of the Holy Spirit with God’s presence. The Holy Spirit will call a sinner to fulfill the three above conditions. But until the sinner actually does, he is not converted and is not in the presence of God.

To fulfill these conditions is to recognize your guilt before God and to give yourself totally to Jesus. It is to break off from all sin forever, with a determination that you will do what’s right now matter how difficult or painful it is.

Another common difficulty is backsliding. Perhaps you once enjoyed the presence of God, but your present experience is cold and dead. In this case, a backslider can be restored by doing his first works of repentance!

Are you living in the presence of God today?