The True Gospel in the Early Church and Scripture (October 2014)

In A.D. 148, Hermas wrote, “He said to me, ‘You have heard correctly, for that is so. For he who has received remission of sin ought never to sin again…‘” In this thorough and compassionate encore presentation, Pastor Ray shows that this view of Christian perfection prevailed for the first two centuries of the church. Though much of the modern church remains in the throes of gnostic heresy–a melding of low Arminianism and hyper-Calvinism–the Scriptures continue to testify that to be saved means to be saved from your sin. If you're walking in sin, you have not yet been saved. Does your daily behavior testify that you are a new, holy creature in Christ?

(NOTE: Our dear Brother Lavender is still alive, although his beloved helpmate has gone on to her eternal reward. His website is

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