A True Friend of God (May 2017)

A True Friend of God (May 2017)

There are three kinds of Christians. First is the true friend of God. This is a Christian who made a conscious choice to forever leave the current of the world and to enter the current of the Holy Spirit. The second kind follow Jesus because of selfish motives–they want Jesus for what they can get out of him. Third, there are those who follow Jesus because of the opinions of others and social demands. Of these three, only the true friend of God is saved.

So how do you know if you’re a true friend of God? First, you will side with Jesus against your own sin. Second, your whole heart will love Jesus and want to honor him. Third, you will experience compassion for all men and deep concern for sinners and their salvation. As a result, your heart catches fire with the spirit of prayer. Your concern will become so great that you must pray. In a word, God’s holiness will be living in you and pouring out of you.

So–are you a true blue friend of Jesus?


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