The Witness of the Spirit

The Witness of the Spirit

How do I know if I have been saved? Or how do I know if I have been sanctified? While the Scriptures and those who love our souls may point us to either of these blessings, it is only the witness of the Spirit that brings assurance.

This witness of the Spirit of God is confirmed by secondary evidences. These include your conscience, your spirit, and a changed life. Also, those who will prayerfully study the Bible’s descriptions of God’s children will know whether their character matches those descriptions.

Moreover, we can increase our sense of the Spirit’s witness through obedience and communion with Jesus. However, we can also dampen, or even lose, this witness by disobedience or spiritual laziness.

Do you have the witness of the Spirit that you are born again? If so, does He bear witness that you are sanctified and empowered for service?

This sermon was inspired by Samuel Brengle’s, “The Witness of the Spirit.”


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