The Two Witnesses

9-30-2021 The Two Witnesses

Do you know about the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11? Today’s message features the purpose of these two witnesses and when it may occur. Pastor Ray presents this as a Bible student with the hopes that all of us will better understand.

The key message to us is that we need to be fully prepared for Jesus and that will take much private time alone with Him to uncover and deal with our wicked ways. Are you ready for Jesus to return? He’s coming and there’s no salvation available once we’ve crossed over the other side.

The Two Witnesses

The Two Witnesses - "Pilgrim's Progress" Broadcast 4 - 9 - 2020

Pastor Ray summarizes the broadcasts from Monday and Tuesday and then talks about the two witnesses, who are described in Revelation Chapter 11. These two witnesses will proclaim the final warning before Jesus returns. Are you ready for that great day? It’s time to get ready, if you’ve not already made preparation because Jesus is coming soon.