The Hedge of God (2007)

The Hedge of God (2007)

Have you consecrated yourself to God? If so, you will face the same temptation as Job. That is, the hedge of God that both keeps the devil out and keeps you in. When you come face to face with the reality, “I have nothing to show for my life. I can’t do anything for God. Everything I’ve worked for can be swept away in a moment,” will you respond with a despairing, “Woe is me! Curse the day I was born!”?

Or will you instead throw yourself into total dependence on Jesus? God is willing to baptize us in the Holy Spirit. But, if we continue to remain unconsecrated in any way, he will not. Will you not only maintain your sanctification, but go on to receive God’s power to build the kingdom–through his power, and not your own?


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