The Day of God’s Judgment (2012)

The Day of God’s Judgment (2012)

As we live in this fallen world, we can choose one of two paths. One, we can suppress the truth of God by making unrighteous choices. Or, we can suppress–or cast off–wickedness by choosing Jesus first. All the actions of our life will flow out of one of these choices. Then, at the end of time, we will face the final judgment, and enter either eternal life or eternal damnation.

However, the danger for many Americans is unconsciousness. It may seem harmless to wake up and think, “Well, what would I like to do today?” and then go and do what you want to do. However, this behavior comes from a selfish heart. It means that you love your own life. Instead, our thought must be, “What does Jesus want me to do today?” Otherwise, you will go through life suppressing God’s truth–because you love your life–and finally wake up in hell.

Will you live the rest of your life for Jesus?


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