The Beast Power Rising

The Beast Power Rising

3-14-2022 The Beast Power Rising

Today’s sobering message is very difficult to summarize but lays out the framework for the beast power rising, which we all can readily see. I suggest that you closely listen and then go back and read and reread the scriptures and pray. It’s not intellectual information we seek but Jesus but He wants us to know His plan, which is laid out in the seals. It’s very important to prepare our hearts that the dark days are upon us dear ones. I’m including this word of wisdom below that’s part of the broadcast as a warning to us all.

Repent, the day of judgment is at hand, get clean with God! And the Lord said “I have broken the staff of correction over the backs of my sheep who long for different pastures and whose heart is fat on that which is not holy. I will now let them pursue their own lusts and will no longer stand in their way.”

Holy Spirit to Pastor Ray Greenley

This broadcast marks the beginning of a new series, this one entitled the “Market of the Beast series” as a tag.