'wickedness of America' Tagged Posts

'wickedness of America' Tagged Posts

Clouds without Water

In just the past sixty years, the morality of America crumbled. The media, dominated by the left, teaches tolerance and denies Biblical definitions of gender, pre-born life, human identity, and sexuality. The success of this attack on right and wrong lies in the failure of preachers and pastors to deal with sin. Instead of stressing the need to be made holy in reality now by faith in Jesus, large swathes of the church glean their understanding of morality from academia,…

Putting Out the Fire of God

Is there a fire for God in your heart? A close look at Jesus’ parable of the sower sheds light on his message to the lukewarm church at Laodicea. Like these early Christians, many in the modern American church, as well as much of the western world, have had the fire of God in their hearts diluted by the ice water of the responsibilities of life and pursuit of prosperity. Indifference to this concept is a sure sign that you are…

The Work of Christ

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray unveils the anti-Christ spirit that pervades the highest levels of our government, most major corporations, false religions and has swept over the modern American church with the intent to destroy the Judeo-Christian culture and the work is nearly complete. It’s time for the work of Christ to be done in the church of Jesus Christ, to rescue us from the present evil age.

The Atmosphere of Your Soul (Encore)

Pastor Ray has been under the weather this week, so we will be playing encore broadcasts this week (and next) and we played this last Sunday’s sermon, which includes Sister Michelle’s introduction and we’ve loaded on the website as well. What is the atmosphere of your soul, is it the fruit of the spirit or the fruit of the flesh?

The Atmosphere of Your Soul

Pastor Ray asks the question “What is the atmosphere of your soul?” There is an atmosphere of righteousness when we choose to fully give ourselves into the hand of Jesus and there’s the atmosphere of wickedness when we give ourselves into the hand of Satan. We must become fully cognizant of this cause/effect relationship and determine in our hearts to be intolerant of wickedness. What kind of atmosphere are you creating in your life?

No Longer Morally Neutral (Encore)

Today’s encore broadcast focuses on being no longer morally neutral, to end the niceness, the self-centeredness and to be fully given unto Jesus to allow Him to do whatever HE wants in our lives. May Jesus have his way in your heart as you listen.