'victory in Jesus' Tagged Posts

'victory in Jesus' Tagged Posts

Assembly Oneness (2004)

Listen to Pastor Ray’s message primarily from the book of Acts. Are you part of the “Ecclesia” (or Ekklesia) and are you now seated with Christ in the heavenly places? The call is not to go to church but to BE the church. It’s not done by self-effort but it does require us to fully give ourselves to Jesus. Unity with the body of Christ only comes by being born again, not by the Holy Spirit or doctrine.

Deny Your Unbelief, and Pray! (2005)

On today’s broadcast, we ran a sermon from 2005 entitled above. Pastor Ray’s focus is on the Lord’s prayer. Jesus will bring us to a place where only He can deliver us time after time and the question that we must answer is whether we will deny our unbelief and pray? Jesus is faithful to teach us how to stand upon His promises, so trust and obey Him today!

Enter Not into Temptation! (April 8, 2004)

In this sermon, Pastor Ray discusses why Jesus entered into the garden of Gethsemane (from Mark 14) and why we must do so as well, even though the reasons are much different. We need not enter into temptation if we’re willing to enter the garden of Gethsemane. If you’ve not made that decision, please listen to the message and determine in your heart that you will leave death and enter into life today.

The House of God

Using the story of the paralytic, which is present is in the synoptic gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, Pastor Ray explains that the kingdom of God has come! The kingdom of God means the ruling authority of God. No sin has the power to stand against the blood of Jesus! Is there part of your life where you are still paralyzed? If so, Jesus wants to set you free where He removes the sin and makes you righteous. You’ll have…

William Bramwell, Apostle of Prayer

(NOTE: We are back with new broadcasts but are still experiencing some technical issues. We lost some of this broadcast and the sound quality isn’t quite up to par. Please be patient as we work with WAVA to address these issues.) Today’s broadcast is the first in the series from a wonderful set of books entitled “They Knew Their God” (see top of page for more info). It deals with the life of William Bramwell, who knew and experienced the…

The Last Fortress (October 12, 2008)

This sermon could have been entitled “The Last Fortress of the Half-Converted Christian” but was not. For many of you who listen to the messages, there yet remains a great work to be done by Jesus, those last vestiges of prides, enmity against God and anything else that separates your heart from Jesus. Jesus wants and desires that you come into full victory over sin by His precious blood, will you not run from the conviction and allow Jesus this…