'Two Baptisms' Tagged Posts

'Two Baptisms' Tagged Posts

The Beginning of the Argentine Revival

Today’s message is somewhat similar to the previous broadcast on this in that Pastor Ray is reading from the book entitled “Thy God Reigneth, The Story of Revival in Argentina” by R. Edward Miller (also sometimes shown as R.E. Miller). In Chapter 2, Pastor Ray describes the parallel between his life and the life of Pastor Miller. Are you willing to pay the price for revival to come? Have you come to the end of yourself?

Divine Love is the Great Test

Pastor Ray’s heart cry is for the divine love of Jesus to be poured out until the Holy Spirit comes. Are you willing to travail until those times of refreshing come? (NOTE: We had some technical challenges today and the recording was broadcast over Pastor Ray’s cellphone. There is no YouTube video available today.)

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

Pastor Ray lays out clearly the primary purpose of your life and mine, if indeed you are a follower of Christ. This purpose holds true, regardless of age, gender, nationality, etc. but failure to choose this mission will result in serious consequences to your life. Are you willing to make this mission the focal point of your life?

God Hears Our Cry

Pastor Ray goes back to our dear brother Jim Kerwin’s book, “The Rejected Blessing” to explain what happened to entire sanctification and a true experience of holiness and power? To paraphrase John Wesley, an incorrect theological understanding will lead one to error. The lies blocking the reality of the baptism of the Holy Spirit continue to be uncovered. Listen closely and be encouraged to seek Jesus for this baptism of holiness and fire.

You Shall Receive Power

Today’s title comes from Acts 1:8 in our continuation of the “two baptisms” series. Pastor Ray goes through much of the history beginning with the reformation through Asuza Street ending with the charismatic movement from the 1950s. He also goes through a book by our dear pastor and brother Jim Kerwin entitled “The Rejected Blessing” which you can read for free by selecting the link.  Today’s message is important and will help provide much of the framework for further discussions…

Baptism in Spirit and Fire

On this special Friday live broadcast, Pastor Ray continues with the theme of “Two Baptisms” focusing upon the need for both holiness and power. Without both of these baptisms, the church will languish in lukewarmness and there will be almost no fruit. Are you crying out that this would become your testimony?

The Coming of John the Baptizer

Today Pastor Ray circles back to the series “Two Baptisms” and lays the foundation for John the Baptizer’s message of repentance largely using the story of King Hezekiah. God will go to extreme measures to expose the pride in our hearts, so that He can “turn the x-ray machine on” as Brother Bevington used to say. Will you allow the x-ray machine to be turned on, so that the motives of your heart can be exposed or will you simply…

A Heart Overflowing With Love

Today Pastor Ray tells the story of Charles Finney, his conversion and subsequent baptism in Holy Spirit. This what God wants to do for you and me, listen to this very precious story from our dear Brother Finney. If the Holy Spirit prompts you to support this ministry, we invite you to do so by giving online or writing to this address: National Prayer Chapel, PO Box 2346, Woodbridge VA 22195. If you’re interested in coming, we invite you to…

Born of the Spirit

The series on the “two baptisms” continues today with the focus on what does it mean to be “Born of the Spirit.” Prayerfully consider today’s message and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart.

Solemn Realities of the Holy Spirit

The series on the two baptisms continues today and Pastor Ray delved a bit into an outstanding book by Pastor Robert Shank entitled “Life in the Son.” It was published in 1960 and the book can be found wherever you normally shop for books. He was willing to simply look at the scriptures said and accept what God said through the Holy Spirit. The truths from the scripture are very sobering and not difficult or complex to understand. Be blessed…

Jesus, Please Pray For Me!

Pastor Ray picks up with the series entitled “Two Baptisms.” We simply ask that you look closely at the scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate his word, as we dive deeper this week. We also ask you to consider supporting the work of the gospel, as we are about $1,500 short for paying the radio bill for September. God bless you as you listen!
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