'Study of James Series' Tagged Posts

'Study of James Series' Tagged Posts

Grace to the Humble 2008

In this encore sermon, the Holy Spirit weaves Matthew Chapter 7 in with Chapter 4 from the book of James to create a powerful teaching. Grace comes to the humble only through submission and recognizing our great poverty of spirit. Let the Holy Spirit speak His word to your heart as you listen to Pastor Ray. Join us tomorrow where Pastor Ray will interview our dear brother, Pastor Jim Kerwin.

Abraham Tested

Listen to Pastor Ray describe two types of faith and let the Holy Spirit show you where your heart is. Abraham was fully tested to see if he would submit to God and that’s something we can either run from or determine in our heart that we will submit come what may. If you make the determination in your heart to submit, Jesus will bring you through!

In the Middle of Failure

Pastor Ray continues the series on the life of Abraham. Jesus takes us from a place of great failure and brokenness and makes us into intercessors as we repent and He melts our heart down. Have you allowed Jesus to melt you down as He did with Abraham or are you like Lot, who reasoned with the men of Sodom, who was unable to convince his own family to leave Sodom.

Submitting Takes Time

One of the devices of Satan, is to get us to rush from one thing to another and never spend the requisite time with Jesus to allow for a complete transformation. Listen to today’s broadcast and make the determination to spend an adequate amount of time with Jesus to allow Him to do a deep work of restoration in both heart and soul. Thankfully God deals with each as we are and so He knows your heart and mine and…

Laughing at God?

Pastor Ray continues with the story of Abraham integrated in with the study of the book of James. How easy it is to be like Sarah where our unbelief is hidden behind a veil of laughter? Are you laughing at God based upon your actions and believe that you can make something happen, even for God, in your own power and strength?

Believe the LORD!

What does it mean to believe in the Lord? To believe in the Lord is to submit to the Lord. Listen to the broadcast and make a full determination in your heart to submit to Jesus, regardless of the cost that will likely ensue.

Endurance (November 2016)

Have you ever asked, “How do I know if I’m enduring or not?” That answers hinges on whether or not you complain. It is not sin to admit difficulty–but will you take it to Jesus and pray through, or will you bitterly complain like a sinner? Jesus is pleased when we walk without sin through every trial of life! This sermon was originally preached on Sunday, November 20, 2016.

The Scourge of Pride (October 2016)

Today’s broadcast was the welcome and sermon from October 9.  Have you honestly dealt with this scourge of pride that each of us must squarely deal with before a holy God? Do you see the evidence of enmity against God reflected by your behaviour and actions toward others? Allow the Holy Spirit to unveil your heart and remove this scourge before it kills you and infects those around you and defiles many. This will require much work in the prayer closet because…

The Journey of Faith (October 2016)

Are you ready to face death today? No one will get to heaven by accident, but many will end up in hell by accident. Are you conscious of the journey that you are on? Are you, like Abraham, facing decades of delay because you won’t wake up, walk in faith, and live for God? This sermon and Sister Kathryn’s welcome message were recorded on October 2, 2016.

Endurance (James 5)

Jesus calls us to love and trust Him through all circumstances – to endure instead of complain or grumble. It’s not sin to admit difficulty – but we must choose to pray through it and not be swayed off course by it. This is how Jesus weaves himself into our lives!

The Purpose of God (Encore)

Sister Kathryn’s welcome message focuses on Psalm 37 and a God who acts, as we act in accord with His will. Are you a Christian, or do you try to do Christian things? Your ability to listen to others and honestly consider their perspective, without getting angry, will shed great light on this question. You may say, “Irritability is a small sin. Everyone gets angry,” but will you be allowed to enter heaven like that? This distinction between gospel and…

Grace to the Humble

Today’s classic sermon from 2008, melds portions of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7) with Galatians 5 and 6 and James Chapter 4. It’s a call to confront darkness and lay down our expectations of others, and allow the love of Jesus to freely flow from our hearts to others. As we do that, many will separate from us but God in his great kindness will provide grace to the humble so that we may endure. Allow the Holy…