'Study of Gospel of Mark' Tagged Posts

'Study of Gospel of Mark' Tagged Posts

Peter Denies Jesus

Peter denies Jesus just at the moment when Jesus needs him the most. But Jesus turns Peter’s shame into honor. [wpdevart_youtube]QrxrBlu9TAs[/wpdevart_youtube]


Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane is an example of how we can pray when we come to a devastating impasse in our lives. [wpdevart_youtube]hznZavskYkk[/wpdevart_youtube]

Have Faith in God

When we put our faith in action, God will act on our behalf to utterly cast out the mountains in our lives. [wpdevart_youtube]n-wjcN_03E0[/wpdevart_youtube]

Blind Bartimaeus Prayed in Faith

Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus when he offered the prayer of faith. A story told by evangelist G.C. Bevington about about Katie, Edward, and a missing ball sheds light on how each of us can pray in faith. [wpdevart_youtube]arfskXramI4[/wpdevart_youtube]

Do You Want to Be a Servant?

What do you do when life pushes you against a wall? The natural response is to try to dominate others. But Jesus shows us how to be a servant. [wpdevart_youtube]gvR0Y46vjno[/wpdevart_youtube]

Follow Jesus

The rich young ruler’s rejection of the call to follow Jesus is illuminated through Romans 7. [wpdevart_youtube]YyjaEG6n4Hw[/wpdevart_youtube]

Is It Impossible to Follow Jesus?

The question, “Is it impossible to follow Jesus?” sometimes arises in response to despair. But that despair can be turned to hope as we understand Jesus’ instructions, “Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me.” [wpdevart_youtube]ANdUzKU1ywA[/wpdevart_youtube]

Keep On Asking

Jesus warned his followers against traditions of the elders, hypocrisy, and hardness of heart. Instead, he admonishes Christians to keep on asking for the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. [wpdevart_youtube]y9aRaSYwvTE[/wpdevart_youtube]

Your Guilt Is Taken Away

God’s remedy for hard-hearted Christians is the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit. To receive this cleansing, the individual must repent of any hypocrisy or disobedience. [wpdevart_youtube]PzHOjy5viKE[/wpdevart_youtube]

No Condemnation

When Jesus met a demon-possessed man living in a tomb, the man feared Jesus. “In God’s name, don’t torture me!” he cried. But instead of being tortured, the man was restored to the image of God. For those of us who fear God’s condemnation–or that surrender to Christ will make us miserable–this message shows us that Jesus will not hurt us, but make us new. [wpdevart_youtube]k_Yoe-enKCc[/wpdevart_youtube]

Fighting with God

Contrasting the stories of Jacob’s deception and evangelist G.C. Bevington’s 9-day prayer session, Pastor Ray describes the difference between fighting against God and fighting with God. [wpdevart_youtube]9kF28rshpk0[/wpdevart_youtube]
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