'Study of Exodus' Tagged Posts

'Study of Exodus' Tagged Posts

A Homeless Place Until Jesus Comes Down

We are standing by faith that the Holy Spirit will move in your heart to meet the remaining radio bill of $2600. You can do that by coming to our homepage and selecting PayPal or writing to us at: The National Prayer Chapel, PO Box 2346, Woodbridge VA 22195. We simply ask. that you would obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit Pastor Ray lays out the three steps that a Christian must walk through  (and these same three words…

The Most Practical Teaching You Will Hear

Today’s message is straight and simple but yet profound and if you allow the Holy Spirit to sink this message in your heart and you’re willing to obey the call of the Holy Spirit, it will transform your walk with Jesus. If your heart is hungry for more of Jesus, this broadcast is for you my brother and sister.

Thriving In The Desert!

The Study of the book of Exodus continues and Pastor Ray proclaims that Jesus wants us to thrive in the desert! In addition, he talks about the role that obedience plays in all of this. Are you thriving in the desert and if not is that the cry of your heart? Be blessed today!

Cry Out to God in Earnest!

Pastor Ray continues the study of the book of Exodus with the focus upon serving Jesus. The message will strongly encourage your heart if you desire to serve Jesus with your whole heart. May the Holy Spirit comfort your heart as you listen to the broadcast.

And Then the Red Sea Parted!

Pastor Ray continues the study of Exodus and explains how that applies to us. Has your Red Sea parted? Have you gone to Jesus so that this mountain will be removed? Listen to the message and put all of your confidence in Jesus!

The Pe’ Sach (Pesach or Passover) of God

The study of Exodus continues today and a significant part of the broadcast dealt with the sophistry of Satan. We must allow Jesus to break every lie and call us out of all darkness, are you willing to do that? There is victory in Jesus today that is available for you, if you’re willing to meet the conditions. During the last half of the broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about the Pesach or Passover and what that means to you and…

Leaving the World for Jesus!

Pastor Ray covered a lot of ground during today’s broadcast, so you may be like me, needing to relisten to capture everything today. The primary focus is on accepting this call to go out to the desert, where Jesus can (and will) totally transform us (if we’re willing to let Him do it). Have you left the world for Jesus or are you still clinging to something dear to your heart, other than Jesus? Than why let just let Jesus…

The Great Controversy

Today’s study of Exodus continues, as Pastor Ray lays out this great controversy between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light! Are you actively engaged in this battle, not just for your soul, but for the soul of others? Today’s focus is upon the first plagues that came upon both the Egyptians and the children of Israel.

Moses Called to Serve

If you’re new to the website, today’s broadcast is the fourth day of our study of Exodus. The call of Moses is the call to serve and to lay our lives down for the call of the Gospel. Men and women are called to different functions, are you willing to fulfill your call (See Ephesians 5)? That call will cost you everything but it’s worth it!

The Demand of the Doubting Heart

Pastor Ray continues the study of Exodus and the call is to not give way to doubt. God gave Moses three signs that the elders would listen to him. Pastor Ray explains how these things apply to us. Take action at the call of the Holy Spirit!

Moses at the Burning Bush

The study continues from the book of Exodus today and Pastor Ray lays out the three key things that God is after in this desert time. Where is your heart with these three things? God shapes and molds as we fully submit to Him. Be encouraged that Jesus is going to bring you through this desert time!

Redeemed for Worship – The Story of Moses

Today Pastor Ray begins a new study of the book of Exodus. If you’re a Christian, he has redeemed you for worship and if you’re not a Christian that’s the call to you. Be amazed at the kindness of God to redeem us! During the first part of the broadcast, Pastor Ray lays out an outline, which would be very helpful for you to jot down for future broadcasts.