'Series' Tagged Posts (Page 3)

'Series' Tagged Posts (Page 3)

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The Refiner’s Fire

Will you let Jesus sign the executive orders to release the Holy Spirit in your heart and block everything that stands in the way of your sanctification?
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Putting Out the Fire of God

Like these early Christians, many in the modern American church, as well as much of the western world, have had the fire of God in their hearts diluted by the ice water of the responsibilities of life and pursuit of prosperity.

A Letter from God

When Jesus looks at our works, he will see us as hot, cold, or lukewarm. What does he see when he looks at you?
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Nothing Is Hidden from God

Will you spread your sin before the Lord now in deep repentance and a holy fear of God, that you and those around you might be saved; or will you wait until the Day of Judgment, and be damned?

What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Is Christ’s yoke an iron collar of duty to you, or is your delight in the will of God? Where’s your heart with Jesus today as you listen to the sermon?

Pardon, or Permission?

Does the crucifixion of the Son of God melt your heart and fill you with intense desire to never sin again? Or, do your actions and heart say, “Jesus doesn’t have the power to save me from sinning.
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The Testimony of Righteousness

Enire sanctification is not some mystical experience: it is simply a covenant confirmed with Jesus that, “I disown my life, and I will receive from Jesus only what he chooses to give me.”