'Self' Tagged Posts

'Self' Tagged Posts

In the Fullness of Time

Today’s message is an encouragement is that Jesus will carry us, in the sorrow of our hearts, as we are crucified with Christ. Our task is to allow the suffering, which leads to our growth, as long as we don’t rebel against it. Give yourself to Jesus and trust Him to carry you through the desert!

True Holiness?

In order to make it to the Celestial City, both our outward and inward lives must reflect true holiness. This will require much repentance and many tears even though these actions will not earn salvation but rather they reflect the decision we’ve made to follow Jesus come what may. Pastor Ray briefly references a character from Pilgrim’s Progress named Talkative, who talked the talk but inwardly was a brute beast and an enemy of Jesus. Who are you? Are you…

Wait Upon the Lord!

The biggest challenge of this walk to Jesus is to wait upon Him for His will to be accomplished. Listen to today’s message and encourage your heart to wait upon Jesus!

The Glory of God!

The Glory of God of God is an awesome thing and will result in great joy and refreshment or judgment as in the case of Ananias and Sapphira. The only safe way to prepare for such a visitation is to be absolutely honest about everything before Him. Are you ready for the glory of Jesus to come?

Put Off the Old Man

Pastor Ray continues in Pilgrim’s Progress as Christian leaves the valley of humiliation. The call is to put off the old man and put on the new man. Are you suffering because you’re wanting to walk out your life your way or are you suffering because you’ve fully given yourself to Jesus? We must also allow the fire of God to melt away all shame and the fear of man in our hearts. Listen to the message and allow the…

Valley of the Shadow of Death

Today’s broadcast was a special live presentation about the “death to self” that Pastor Ray has been talking over in detail over the last couple of weeks. He describes the two valleys he talked about yesterday, the Valley of Humiliation which leads into the Valley of the Shadow of Death. We must go through both valleys in order to enter the Celestial city. Hold onto Jesus and don’t let Satan lead you astray! [wpdevart_youtube]2iE-yCxnxQQ[/wpdevart_youtube]

Our Leap of Faith!

We must recognize the condition of the church, including that of our own hearts, and allow the Holy Spirit to bring us into a wide place of importunity. We must be made holy and baptized by the Holy Spirit and fire. Are you ready to make that leap of faith and trust Jesus to bring you through?

Knowing Jesus

We die by giving ourselves up by a full and unequivocal surrender to Jesus where our life ends. Listen to this encouraging broadcast today, focusing upon the book of Galatians. Have you been crucified with Christ?

Hungry For More of Jesus!

If the desire of your heart is to be Hungry for More of Jesus (taken perhaps from a book written by David Wilkerson in 1992) than today’s message is for you. It will encourage to seek Jesus with all of your heart and give you perhaps an awe of Him that you hadn’t experienced yet. Listen and follow along in your Bible and know that Jesus wants to meet the cry of your heart today!

The Name of Jesus!

Today Pastor Ray lays out the incredible power in the name of Jesus using a couple of stories from the scriptures. You must go to the depths in order for Jesus to deliver you in your storm. Do you need Jesus to deliver you? Jesus must come and live within us in order for his power to be released.

A Disciple of Jesus

The series on the end of the self life continues today and Pastor Ray talks about the call to be a disciple of Jesus and what that entails. Are you a disciple of Jesus and is that decision reflected in the daily decisions of your life or are in charge of your life?

Dig Deeper!

Pastor Ray calls us to dig a bit deeper using many of the same scriptures from yesterday and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal our own hearts unfettered by religion or even our own experiences. Many of us have unconsciously or perhaps even consciously grieved the Holy Spirit. The call is to humble ourselves before Jesus and we must have a fixed determination in our hearts to allow Jesus to fully rule over us and then walk that out. Be…
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