'Saturday Classics' Tagged Posts (Page 3)

'Saturday Classics' Tagged Posts (Page 3)


A Mind That Understands! (2004)

We can easily get off track in our walk with Jesus when we focus either on the past or the future, which leads us into taking control of our lives again as we begin once again to believe the lies of the devil.
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A Good Report? (August 2006)

Does God have to work out your circumstances in a particular way and will you trust Him, regardless of what your circumstances may appear? This is where the good report emerges!

The Way of Ishmael (August 1, 2004)

Jesus wants us to trust in His promises, not in our ability to create for ourselves. Are you trusting in Jesus to create all things in your life or are you trusting in your ability to make it through?
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A Life of Love – 2010

When a great crushing comes upon our lives, what is our response to that great pain, whether it be the death of a loved one as it was for Pastor Ray, a major health concern, or some other crushing circumstance? God’s heart is to allow this crushing to allow the flowing out to others in self-sacrificing love.