'Sanctification' Tagged Posts

'Sanctification' Tagged Posts

Bent towards Sin (2011)

A born again person is free to no longer sin. But, the bent towards sin–or the carnal nature–still remains. Like the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, this bent exists in the heart and wages war on the soul. Thus, this bent towards sin explains why so little power exists in the modern American church. When we feast on this tree, we commit outward acts of sin. These outward acts are the only other cause of powerlessness. The…

Higher Ground!

After conversion, many Christians live in the lowlands. Like Abraham, they ask God to bless the work of their own hands, and are unaware that the Holy Spirit left them. Jesus is calling us to higher ground. The Holy Spirit must deal with us to the very bottom before sinners can be brought to Jesus through our testimony–and before we can be truly saved. Can you, like Paul the Apostle, say, “I have been, and still am crucified with Christ?”

Sweeping Away the Refuge of Lies!

How can you tell whether a doctrine is true? By looking at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and his words at the Last Supper, we conclude that there is one infallible test: does the salvation being taught save you from sin here and now? The American cultural beliefs that “Nobody’s perfect; everybody sins,” and, “We all go to a better place when we die,” are mere universalism. Real salvation expels selfishness and lust for the world and generates love for…

A New Creation

There is no sanctification after death. A close look at the original Greek text overturns a cornerstone of this false gospel: Jesus did not become sin. Instead, “The one not having experienced sin took sin on our behalf in order that we might be made righteous.” The death of Christ condemned all who sin. You must become righteous and holy now, or you never will be. Would how you are living right now be acceptable in heaven? Won’t you fly…

Made Righteous by Jesus

We must be made righteous and walk clean, like Job, or we will go to hell. Without suffering, we will not be made righteous. However, we must not mistake our righteousness as our own: righteousness is a gift from God that is infused into our soul. Perhaps you understand this intellectually, but do you still lament your inability to conquer the monsters in your life? If so, you must take the practical step to put your voluntary trust in Jesus Christ,…

Heart Purity

The Christian journey begins with a quick amputation of all outward sin when a person surrenders his or her will to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit then begins the inner work of heart purity, or entire sanctification. But he will not begin this work if we love the world or the flesh: and that includes everything from professional sports to casual jokes and conversation. The normal Christian experience is to walk in the joy of heart purity, knowing that the…

Perfect Submission!

Pastor James of the Jerusalem church pins down the source of all fights and shows us the only solution. Unless the conflict is over a moral difference, the core issue is always pride. Even with moral issues, we can still sin if we respond by fighting and degrading the other person, instead of simply acknowledging that we will not participate in evil. This practice destroys relationships and can carry over into our relationship with Jesus Christ. The solution? Submit yourself…

Taking the Lord at His Word (Encore)

Is your faith a mere mental assent, or do you operate as if the promises of God are reality? God is willing to save and sanctify us completely. Do you believe it? Will you confess your pride, and let God do what he has promised?

Two Roads to Holiness (January 2007)

Listen to this sermon from January 2007 and allow the Holy Spirit to show you which road you’re on. I believe this message will be helpful if you hear the cry of the Holy Spirit and allow Jesus to fully remove this Pharisaical spirit.

The Devil Is in the Expectations (James 1)

Expectations (of others and also ourselves) destroy the work of Christ in our hearts and are one of the primary tools of satan and his minions. When we willingly lay down our demands of how life should be and how other people should behave, we can walk in love and be totally cleansed from depravity and moral uncleanness through the precious blood of Jesus. Will you humble your heart today?

The Peaceful Fruit of Righteousness

Today’s sermon is for the mature follower of Jesus from Hebrews 12. The title is part of Hebrews 12:11, which says “Now all discipline for the present does not seem to be joyful, but painful; then later it gives back the peaceful fruit of righteousness to the ones having been trained by it.” It’s critically important to let go of any bitterness or unforgiveness (or even expectations of others) fully in our hearts, as this will result in sin, don’t be…

We Have Seen the LIFE!

Pastor Ray continues the study of Hebrews today and the call to grow up in Jesus, which is one of the central themes in the book of Hebrews. The call is to be crucified with Christ, with a wholehearted pursuit of Jesus and the willingness to be transformed by His precious blood.  Isn’t it time to go on from the milk to solid food? It’s time to move on to maturity (perfection, completion).
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