'Romans Chapter 6' Tagged Posts

'Romans Chapter 6' Tagged Posts

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The Path of Love

Pastor begins to lay out this path of love by a very familiar story in the Old Testament of Samuel’s parents. This path is evidenced as a self-sacrificing type of love or agape. It’s also evidenced by our Savior and Lord Jesus. What happens if we reject this path of love that Jesus has for us? During the last half of the broadcast, Pastor Ray walks through the path of love laid out for us in 1 Corinthians Chapter 13.…

Sin Is Selfishness

It’s clear that sin is selfishness. Our hope of redemption is to forsake our sin, repent and cry out to Jesus and be crucified with Christ. What will you do?


On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray lays out the pathway we must take as Christians, something Pastor Ray calls the Romans 6 (Chapter 6) road. It’s the road to crucifixion. This road to crucifixion has been blocked by our resistance to the Holy Spirit, as we have substituted other ways to salvation or have simply been sidetracked in our foolishness. Pastor Ray lays out many of those traps during today’s broadcast and the word is simple and straight, the only way…
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Crisis Sanctification

Our great need of entire sanctification is oftentimes blocked by our defensiveness. Listen closely to Pastor Ray’s message today.