'Romans 8' Tagged Posts

'Romans 8' Tagged Posts

Walking in the Light as a Son

In the midst of the trials and troubles, the Holy Spirit is calling us to walk in the light as sons. There’s a much deeper place where God is calling us into sonship, do you hear the call today?

In Christ Jesus!

Are you in Christ Jesus or is Jesus with you? We encourage you to listen to the broadcast and follow along in your Bible.

Entering into the Sufferings of Christ

In this encore sermon from 2006, Pastor Ray describes voluntary self-denial for the sake of others in terms of Christian suffering. Ultimately, we’re to transition from suffering that results from living in a fallen world to suffering as we take on others’ burdens as our own.

Entering the Suffering of Christ

All people experience suffering. But, only a Christian experiences suffering because of self-sacrifice for the sake of God’s kingdom. This suffering includes fasting, financial self-denial, and suffering so that others don’t have to. It also includes feelings of agony in prayer as one intercedes for souls and pleads God’s promises. But, the source of all these particular examples is that a true Christian has utterly given up his or her life to Jesus Christ. Ultimately, suffering shows that we’re serious…

Walking in Love (2015)

God’s law tells us what we should and shouldn’t do. But by itself, it has no power to subdue the spirit of rebellion that naturally rises in opposition to that law. Christ’s death makes it possible for sin to be condemned instead of us. And, his resurrection opens the way for the Holy Spirit to rule over our lives. Instead of white-knuckling obedience to a written law which the natural spirit opposes, we are regenerated by the Holy Spirit. His…

The Law of the Spirit of Life (2004)

What is the law of the Spirit of life? Simply, when a seed is planted, it dies and becomes a whole plant with much fruit and many seeds. To walk in the law of the Spirit of life, we must plant the seed of the spirit by forsaking all other loves and ownership of our lives; then, we will grow up out of the soil as a new man in Jesus with victory over sin. “For if we have been…

Made Righteous by Jesus

We must be made righteous and walk clean, like Job, or we will go to hell. Without suffering, we will not be made righteous. However, we must not mistake our righteousness as our own: righteousness is a gift from God that is infused into our soul. Perhaps you understand this intellectually, but do you still lament your inability to conquer the monsters in your life? If so, you must take the practical step to put your voluntary trust in Jesus Christ,…

Seeds of Destruction

The battle is on for the soul of America. Morality is crashing in America as the pulpits no longer burn with righteousness and no longer directly confront sin. The seeds of destruction have created an “inclusive” gospel that no longer rebukes sin or legalistic righteousness that’s full of rigidity, with no underlying power. It’s time that these seeds of destruction be removed from the church through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, so that a pure gospel can…

Do You Have a Need for a High Priest?

Today’s message is a heart cry from the Holy Spirit to intervene, even as God’s great judgments are imminent. Listen to the message and let the Holy Spirit create this same cry in your heart for Jesus to come and rescue America from its wickedness.

A Crust of Bread from the Dark Side (March 8, 2008)

Today’s classic sermon focuses on the life of King Saul and his great sin of divination, which was evidenced in the battle against the Amalekites. Saul, in effect, drew a circle around his life and decided when and how he would obey God. This self worship resulted in a great self delusion, in that Saul believed he was actually serving God when he was really serving himself and brought God’s wrath upon him and led to his demise. Let this message be a…

No Longer Hostile to God! (2005)

God wants to remove all hostility from our hearts, if we still desire to be in charge of our lives and that’s where the hostility is uncovered. God will not be our co-pilot. All resistance must be broken and the hostility removed. Jesus’ heart is to be intimate with us but He must withdraw if our hearts are full of hostility. We only get God’s attention when we’re in a desperate place for Him to intervene in our lives. Have…
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