'Romans 6' Tagged Posts

'Romans 6' Tagged Posts

What are You Giving For Your Soul

Pastor Ray’s focus today was primarily on Mark Chapter 8 and the necessity of denying ourselves and taking up our cross (being crucified with Christ) and following Him. He uses some very powerful illustrations from the testimony of some of our listeners. Do you love something or someone more than you love Jesus?

Only One Way of Escape

Our only escape from the escape is contingent upon our crucifixion. Are you willing to undergo this process as Stephen did? Allow the Holy Spirit to break all resistance in your heart today and be crucified with Christ!

A Boiling Pot of Destruction

Pastor Ray lays out the terrifying message to the American church. Have you been crucified with Christ and finally died out to the old man and given everything into the hand of Jesus? It’s time for the church to repent, will you pray that the Holy Spirit reveal to you where your heart is at as we prepare for God’s judgment to fall upon us.

What Is The Spirit Saying To The Church

There are two things in common with all of the messages from Jesus to the seven churches in Revelations. Do you know what two things are? Today’s message is a must listen to the church. Prayerfully listen and allow the Holy Spirit to bring you all the way to the end of yourselves.

Sitting In The Ashes of My Life

Another message is this powerful series featuring the sixth chapter of Romans, among many others. If you’re sitting in the ashes of your life, then this message is for you.

Sudden Destruction

Pastor Ray begins by talking about current events and then goes back to Romans 6, because that’s the core issue the Holy Spirit has raised. Have you been crucified with Christ? Another important message in this series from Romans, especially Chapter 6. Would encourage you to listen to the whole thing if you’ve not been to do so.

God’s Wrath is Real

Even though God’s wrath is real, today is the day of salvation. We must honestly face this issue of sin and out of our deaths we can be resurrected into new creatures in Jesus Christ. This creatures a brutal honesty as our soul is exposed through the illumination of the Holy Spirit. Don’t sear or salve your conscience but rather determine to be honest and allow the conviction to rise in your heart. Have you come to terms with the…

Death Came Because of Sin

We must understand the cause/effect relationship between sin and death. The question is whether we are holy or unholy and holiness only occurs in our lives as we entirely surrender to Jesus and allow Him full control. It’s not how smart we are or aren’t or whether we are right or not. Our life is to be fully given into the hand of Jesus. Allow the Holy Spirit to take you there as you listen to this series. Please read…

Transferred (from the Kingdom of Darkness) to the Kingdom of Light

Listen to Pastor Ray describe this journey out of the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. This requires a life of full surrender to Jesus where all self-interests are left behind to serve others at the call of Jesus. Pastor Ray goes back to the story of Rees Howell. Have you made this journey? Listen to the story of Rees Howell, who lays out a road map for us to follow.

Always Obey the Holy Spirit

Many will obey the Holy Spirit some of the time. But do you obey the Holy Spirit all the time? We enter the highway of holiness through the cleansing cross of Jesus Christ. Once on the highway, we stay on it by always obeying the Holy Spirit. If we refuse obedience in even one area, we will either fail to achieve sanctification, or lose our sanctification once we have it. Catherine Booth, for example, was not sanctified for years because…

How to Overcome Sin

Many Christians today live in a miserable state of bondage to sin. They pray and resolve to do better. They suppress sinful urges and desires. And they think this is the normal Christian life. But they never overcome sin. So what are we to do? How do we overcome sin? First, we must recognize that all sin flows out of a voluntary preference, or state of commitment, to please ourselves. All outward actions, motives, and intentions flow out of this…