'Romans 6' Tagged Posts

'Romans 6' Tagged Posts


Today Pastor Ray focuses today on reading much of Pastor Jonathan Edward’s sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Have you turned from all sin or have you been blocked because you’ve believed the lies of the modern church? This is a call to wake up because time is of the essence. Will you seriously seek after Jesus with all of your heart? Isn’t it time, if not now WHEN??? Similar messages: A Wake Up Call – 2004…


Have you made a once-for-all decision to leave all sin NOW? God is angry with every sinner and He has provided freedom through the blood of Jesus, if we’re willing to repent and forsake our sin. What will you do dear one?

Foolish, Disobedient, And Deceived

Are you still a foolish, disobedient and deceived one or are you one who is willing to give themselves fully to Jesus? If you’ve not made that decision, today is the day of salvation!

Disgraced In His Grace

The call is to awaken from slumber and no longer give any room to satan and his minions. Are you willing to cry out to Jesus?
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A Heaven To Win

Are you an overcomer in Jesus? Are you willing to pay the price of an overcomer? That’s the only path to vicctory…
All images used to magnify meaning of the podcast.

No Compromise!

It’s time to tear all the idols down and not compromise with darkness in any way, are you willing to join in?