'Romans 3' Tagged Posts

'Romans 3' Tagged Posts

Jesus Holds Your Life In His Hand

Pastor Ray calls us out of the modern institutional church and to the organic church of Jesus Christ. Listen intently and consider if you’re willing to fully give yourself to Jesus, regardless of costs.

What Do You Want From Jesus?

Our series continues from the Gospel of John, what do you want from Jesus and are you willing to stop sinning? Find out more as you listen along! Similar messages: Tear Down That Idol! You may be shocked as you listen and the Holy Spirit identifies idols in your heart…. O Lord You’re Beautiful to me! This is a live recording just after Keith Green wrote “O Lord You’re Beautiful to Me.” Be blessed as you listen!… Azusa Street, the…

A Faith Beyond Words (2012)

Today we meet a character named talkative, who represents much of today’s modern church (and us at times), who likes and even sounds righteous but there’s something amiss. Found out more today.