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'revival' Tagged Posts

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Revival Truth

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray walks us the basics of revival truth and demystifies a term called “entire sanctification.”
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The Great Reset

Find out when a great reset occurred in the scriptures and what caused it as you listen to today’s broadcast.
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Our God Is An Awesome God!

Today’s message is the story of a dear brother willing to wait for God to move in revival power. Are you willing to wait on God and trust Him for revival?
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Right Now Call Upon The Name Of The Lord

Thank you for another powerful prayer meeting. Please join us each week for our online prayer meeting. Have you been calling upon the name of the Lord, only He can fill our hearts with fire and not the cotton gospel of today’s apostate church. It’s time to awaken from our lukewarm condition and we must be zealous and repent. We praise Jesus that He met us today. Is your heart to cry out to Jesus? Thank you for those who…