'Revelation 3' Tagged Posts

'Revelation 3' Tagged Posts

Sitting In The Ashes of My Life

Another message is this powerful series featuring the sixth chapter of Romans, among many others. If you’re sitting in the ashes of your life, then this message is for you.

Returning to the Shepherd of Our Souls (2008)

There is no shortage of Divine power to walk holy before God as overcoming Christians. As revealed in the messages to the seven churches in Revelation, the only true block to overcoming is the pride of ownership–owning one’s life. To give up ownership is to submit in obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit to one’s heart, until the whole life is made up of places of abiding in Jesus.  Any area of life that is not a place…

Are You an Overcomer? (Encore)

Today, we successfully rebroadcast yesterday’s message over WAVA 780 AM. Thank you, Lord Jesus! If you haven’t already, listen to this sharp message about the need to totally sell out to Jesus Christ!

Are You an Overcomer?

The risen Christ’s second admonition to the church at Laodicea is to buy “white garments.” Like Adam and Eve, those in the church were naked because of their sin–unlike Adam and Eve, they didn’t realize it. We receive these garments by faith from Jesus when we completely consecrate ourselves to him and remain consecrated. The finished work of holiness is not an absolute perfection, but a moral perfection from which we can fall. Do not trust in a past experience. Are…

God’s Redemptive Plan for the Church!

The bride of Christ, the church, will overcome and be forever holy and wedded to Jesus! God has set His heart on the church and put her on display to the entire universe. This is the big picture of salvation. Will you choose to be part of that holy wife of God?

The Fullness of Christ

This broadcast is the second in the new series on a methodical verse by verse exposition of the wonderful book of Hebrews. If you have not listened to Monday’s broadcast, we would encourage you to do so. The reality of the modern church is that Ichabod has been written over much of the church and yet most of unaware that the Holy Spirit has withdrawn and their lampstand has been removed. Prayerfully listen to the broadcast for revelation.

The Lie of Positional Righteousness

Why is the church largely devoid of righteousness, despite the large number of churches and proliferation of Bibles and all sorts of religious information? There’s an obvious disconnect between the Christian church and the scriptures. Is it possible that the church has believed in the lie of positional righteousness? Listen to the story of Abraham and how God made him righteous.

The Emperor (Church) Has No Clothes (Encore)

A recitation of the infamous tale written by Hans Christian Anderson and a frightening parallel between this fable and the lie of the modern church regarding imputed righteousness. Are you willing to deal with your nakedness or will you simply be like the king and his minions, who were self-deceived. Jesus wants to impart his righteousness to us and deliver us out of our sin. The righteousness of Jesus is imparted as a free gift as we are crucified with…

The Battle against Apollyon

Christian, the primary person in the famous allegory entitled Pilgrim’s Progress, faces Apollyon (the devil) for the battle of his very soul. Most in the modern church refuse to engage in this battle. Will you allow Jesus to make you more than a conqueror or will you swept away in your unconsciousness?

Entering into the Kingdom of God

Despite the popular perception, it is NOT easy into the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the authority of God, which He wishes to exercise in our lives. We must overcome the devil’s power and allow God to fully restore us. God’s grace enable us to say no to ungodliness. Will you allow Jesus to make you an overcomer by His blood?

Is God Distant from You?

Although our government has exercised arrogance against God almighty, that same spirit is in much of the modern church. God wants to remove the worldliness in the church. Unfortunately most of the church is asleep and not even fully cognitive. May we wake up from our slumber before it’s too late.

The Heart of Jesus

The heart of our risen Lord is reflected clearly in His message to the Laodicean church and has three elements: buy gold refined in the fire; wear white clothes, which represents the righteous deeds and buy salve. In order to walk through the process, we must begin to see ourselves as Jesus sees us which is wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Righteousness only comes out of an outer crushing. Will you allow Jesus to do this in your heart…