'Out of the Desert' Tagged Posts

'Out of the Desert' Tagged Posts

Light from Heaven for Charles S. Price

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray recounts the testimony of Dr. Charles S. Price, a healing evangelist, don’t miss it! He’s reading from a book entitled “Dr. Charles S. Price – His Life and Teachings.” We’ve included some hints in the tags, blessings dear one! Listen to this dear brother’s conversion and incredible transformation and mighty baptism in the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged and allow Jesus to complete this work in your life! “The only way one can rid himself of…

Out of the Desert?

Once we repent and fully surrender to Jesus, the Holy Spirit always leads us into the desert to deal with the Adamic nature or “entire sanctification”. We’re quite literally boxed in (even though we may not see it for a time) and must make the decision to submit and wait on Jesus (and endure the crucifixion) or try to escape. It didn’t work for the children of Israel, nor will it work for you. Escape will only lead to heartache…

What Does Jesus Want From You?

Do you know Jesus’ purpose for your life? Thanks to the kindness of Jesus, His prayer to the Father was recorded in John 17 and Pastor Ray walks us through the agenda for you and me. Is your focus on what Jesus wants in your life or what you want from Jesus? To quote a dear brother, Paris Reidhead, “Is God an end or is He a means?” Stand by faith and God will come will bring you through!


Judas had a hidden agenda and would not accept Jesus for who he is because his expectations were not being met. Have you dealt with this Judas spirit or will you allow it to destroy you? You need not be a Judas but must allow Jesus to fully change you and deal with bitterness, resentment, pride, judgment and/or your lack of love. Do it quickly because this Judas spirit will quickly lead to betrayal and you will become a betrayer.…

Finding the Grace to Die! – Excerpt

We’re including a short clip from an upcoming two-part series by Jackie Pullinger entitled “Grace to Die.” The excerpt is a testimony of a 18-year old young lady named Polly describing this road to death. It’s raw and powerful and we pray it’s an encouragement to go all the way with Jesus, He will carry you through!

Jesus is Praying for You!

Today’s message is a continuation from the call yesterday to be crucified with Christ. Is that the cry of your heart today? Allow the Holy Spirit to bring the deep conviction necessary to move the heart of Jesus, to bring us into this baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire!

This is Eternal Life

Pastor Ray goes back to John 15 and raises the question about where does your sustenance come from. Who does your life depend upon on? Is it your own ability or perhaps a spouse? None of us are self-sustaining, we need the mighty sustaining power of Jesus to survive. Are you willing to allow all self-sufficiency and entitlement to be pruned from your heart?

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus!

When we come and give ourselves fully into the hands of Jesus and are born from above, it’s quite easy to become enamored with the foliage that Jesus has created and it can lead to pride. Once we see the fruitlessness of the foliage, however, we then see and understand our great need of pruning. Thankfully, our work is NOT to prune ourselves (or others) but rather to trust in the great precision of our Father, who will do the…

Remain in Jesus!

We are called to be fruitful for the kingdom of God and Jesus wants to demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit and fruit as a soul-winner. Our only interest is for Jesus to be the consuming fire of our lives. Will you make the decision to remain in Jesus and let everything else go?

How to Forgive Your Enemies – Corrie Ten Boom 1975

In today’s encore sermon from 1975, Sister Corrie Ten Boom, the precious sister who spent years in a concentration camp and suffered much as a follower of Jesus, clearly and simply articulates the need for both repentance and forgiveness. Be blessed by the sweet spirit of Jesus borne in a hothouse of pain and agony for a dear follower of Jesus. This quote sums up her message today: “Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door of resentment and the…

Are You a Fruit-bearer in Jesus?

The question today is whether you are a fruit-bearer as referenced by John the Baptist. This fruit is evidenced in our behavior by our sacrificial love to others and our direct obedience to the Holy Spirit. It’s a frightful place to be cut off from Jesus. Endure the pruning and trust Jesus regardless of the cost! (Please note: we have no video available today.)