'Matthew Chapter 7' Tagged Posts

'Matthew Chapter 7' Tagged Posts

Shows two paths

Two Roads, One Broad One Narrow

Pastor Ray lays out two roads for the Christian, the primary question is which road are you on? Listen intently and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the narrow way. The narrow way is too narrow to allow selfishness, while the broad road makes everything about its own consumption in some form (i.e. what’s in it for me and how can I benefit). What is the testimony that your life proclaims (not just your mouth)? Is it laying down…

The Courage (to trust Jesus)

To trust Jesus requires an earnestness and honesty that most in the church fail to exercise. Listen to the steps we need to take to obtain real righteousness.
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Crisis Sanctification

Our great need of entire sanctification is oftentimes blocked by our defensiveness. Listen closely to Pastor Ray’s message today.