'Matthew 3' Tagged Posts

'Matthew 3' Tagged Posts

Cut Down and Thrown Into the Fire

Jesus is after all of the roots of sin, which calls for very deep repentance. Are you willing to agree with the Holy Spirit to cut out the roots of sin in your life? This is a very painful but necessary process as illustrated by the story of King David. Are you a man or woman after God’s own heart?

The Chaff He Will Burn

Thank you for those who called into today’s prayer meeting.In addition, Pastor Ray shared from Matthew Chapter 3. Thank you to those who called in to pray.

Are You a Fruit-bearer in Jesus?

The question today is whether you are a fruit-bearer as referenced by John the Baptist. This fruit is evidenced in our behavior by our sacrificial love to others and our direct obedience to the Holy Spirit. It’s a frightful place to be cut off from Jesus. Endure the pruning and trust Jesus regardless of the cost! (Please note: we have no video available today.)