'Matthew 24' Tagged Posts

'Matthew 24' Tagged Posts

The Coming of the Son of Man

How do we prepare for the coming of the Son of Man (i.e. Jesus)? The question is answered in Matthew 24, along with some other scriptures. May we prepared of our Lord by a full submission and a heart to serve Jesus in whatever way He asks of us.

A Heart Set on Fire!

The stirring story of King Josiah’s repentance and allowing His heart to be set on fire. We all have the same choice to make. Do you see the desperate need for repentance in your life? Will you be crucified with Christ, thereby allowing the fire of God to come and consume your heart, your time, your everything??


Pastor Ray talks about the “dark winter” (a codeword explained in the broadcast) that will soon be upon us. Let this painful time be a time of total dependence upon the Lord and a much deeper level of repentance. May Jesus name be glorified as our hearts are humbled in the midst of these difficult times.

I Can’t Even Walk Without You

Pastor Ray talks about our great need for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Great Commission, which is the call to the entire body of Christ (See Ephesians 4). We can’t do this in our own power and might. Do you sense the great need of the Holy Spirit in your life. Will you join with us in crying out for the power of the Holy Spirit (see Acts 1:8) for the lost and dying?

Signs of the End of the Age

Pastor Ray walks through Matthew 24 and uncovers many lies, the first being that American Christians will avoid persecution via a secret rapture. Second, the devil will come gently to bring Christians into a slow chill. Has your heart grown lukewarm or is your heart full of expectation at the coming of Jesus? As you listen to the message and follow along in Matthew 24, you’ll see that we’re very near to the end of the age. Have you been…

Will There Be an End-Time Revival?

Thank you for all of those who faithfully contributed to pay for April’s radio bill with WAVA. The cost of over $4,000 has been covered! Thank you for contributing at the call of the Holy Spirit. If you missed the broadcast yesterday, we’re including a brief excerpt addressing the question of what does the scripture say regarding an end-time revival.

Jesus Is Coming Again!

Do you lovingly, longingly wait for the second coming of Jesus? An ardent, focused love for Jesus’ return chills the natural passion for earthly trinkets. When we really want to see Jesus come again, we gladly give everything for the kingdom. Similarly, worldliness will cool off one’s love for Jesus. This results in the 50/50 split seen in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. If we earnestly expect the second coming of Jesus, we will fill our lamps…

Endurance (November 2016)

Have you ever asked, “How do I know if I’m enduring or not?” That answers hinges on whether or not you complain. It is not sin to admit difficulty–but will you take it to Jesus and pray through, or will you bitterly complain like a sinner? Jesus is pleased when we walk without sin through every trial of life! This sermon was originally preached on Sunday, November 20, 2016.

Are You Dying in Doubting Castle?

In Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Christian and Hopeful leave the path to the Celestial City and end up in Giant Despair’s Doubting Castle. When humanism, self-help, waiting, and chance fail, the brothers finally cry out to God. “What a fool I’ve been!” Christian exclaims, realizing that a key of promise, that will open every door in Doubting Castle, has remained untouched in his bosom. Does this describe your life? Have you been sitting around in a dungeon of misery, worry, and…

Endurance (James 5)

Jesus calls us to love and trust Him through all circumstances – to endure instead of complain or grumble. It’s not sin to admit difficulty – but we must choose to pray through it and not be swayed off course by it. This is how Jesus weaves himself into our lives!

Awake, O Sleeper!

God is exposing America’s moral corruption: our criminal wars in the Middle East, the sale of aborted children, and the moral failure of our government. What have you been doing during all this? You cannot blame the politicians (or the bureaucrats), God will hold you responsible for the wickedness wrought by your vote or your apathy. Wake up, get honest, and lay hold of God to save this nation with revival and righteousness! Without this, America is finished but the heart of…

Faith That Changes the Ages!

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray explains what faith is, as well as the commonly misunderstood use of the term in the modern church. Listen to the message and go to a Strong’s concordance and follow along with the Greek, and the wonderful mystery of Hebrews 11 will be unfolded for you. Will you remain under the authority of Jesus and let Him accomplish what He wants in your heart and life?