'Matthew 24' Tagged Posts

'Matthew 24' Tagged Posts

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The Great Reset

Find out when a great reset occurred in the scriptures and what caused it as you listen to today’s broadcast.
Jesus is Coming Again2

Jesus IS Coming

We’re headed into very deep water, it’s a must-listen broadcast calling you to give yourself into the hands of Jesus.
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Under The Wing Of God

The time is where we must come under the wing of God, lest we perish. Are you there yet and have you given yourself fully to Jesus?
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Disgraced In His Grace

The call is to awaken from slumber and no longer give any room to satan and his minions. Are you willing to cry out to Jesus?
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Our God Is An Awesome God!

Today’s message is the story of a dear brother willing to wait for God to move in revival power. Are you willing to wait on God and trust Him for revival?
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How Do You Prepare For The End Of The World?

On today’s broadcast Pastor Ray walks us through Matthew 24 and the associated chapter in Luke 21. Listen to today’s message to understand the markers that are happening right now before our eyes. Have you been made righteous by Jesus? It’s a sweet call to come and get right with Jesus and stay right, all made possible through His power and might. How do you prepare for the end of the world? Well I’ll tell you, you go to the…
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GET READY Jesus Is At The Door

Do you hear the call of the Spirit today to get ready for the coming of Jesus? That should be the most important thing in your life but it’s not cheap or easy.
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