'Lavender New Testament' Tagged Posts

'Lavender New Testament' Tagged Posts

The Church Of The Holy Spirit

There must be a radical change in the American church, brought by the Gospel. Are you on this path to revival and do you see your great need for changes to be made? There must be a radical change to our everyday lives brought by the Holy Spirit.

Sealed By The Holy Spirit of Promise

Pastor Ray talks about the necessity of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and clearly lays out the scriptural basis for it. The sermons are listed in the tags. Do you see the great need for this baptism and will you do whatever the Holy Spirit tells you so that you can receive this power. Listen closely to this very powerful message. Here’s a link to the Lavender New Testament if you don’t have one. We fully support Pastor Lavender…

Do You Identify With The Old Nature Or The New (Colossians 3)?

Pastor Ray continues with the study of Colossians and uncovers some significant errors in one of the major translations, causing great anguish. We must identify with the new nature. Where is your identity? Is it in the old nature or the new nature? Listen and be set free today! He also identifies what the two ditches you must seek to avoid, to avoid great pain in your life. Another must listen broadcast to our fellow pilgrims!

And Then Sudden Destruction

Today’s message is the first in a new series focusing on the book of Romans. We’ve had broadcasts on this before but the Holy Spirit continues to sharpen and simplify the message and we’ve reached a crisis in the American church, which must be confronted and dealt with, lest we be swept away. Get out your Bible and follow along and share this message with family and friends.

The Most Dangerous Prayer

Yesterday Pastor Ray walked us through the Old Testament model of prayer. If you missed it, we would encourage to listen to it as well. Today, the focus shifts to the New Testament and the Lord’s prayer, along with a detailed explanation of many of the words. Have you asked that God’s kingdom to come and His will be done in your life? That’s not optional, if you wish to be part of the kingdom of God! It’s time to…

Two Sources of Righteousness?

We thank you to those precious ones who stepped up at the calling of the Holy Spirit to cover this month’s radio bill! There are only two sources of righteousness, which of these are you walking under? Pastor Ray talks about the source of righteousness that comes through Christ as we repent and surrender ourselves to Him. Will you allow Jesus to put enmity in your heart against sin, so that you can be free to serve Jesus? Are you…

Putting Off All Moral Uncleanness (James 1)

Today’s study in the book of James continues with the focus today being upon the issue of the sinning Christian and the skewing of the modern translations that imply you can never get the victory over sin. What do you believe the Gospel to be? Do you believe that there is a place where Jesus can bring us into complete victory, as reflected in the actual Greek?

Pursue Peace and Purity

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about God’s great design to give us heart purity, where we no longer participate in the wickedness of the world. There is no purification of heart without suffering as the author of Hebrews says “You must pursue peace with all men and the holiness (or purity) without which no one will see the Lord. (from the Lavender New Testament).” Make the decision to not walk in bitterness, which inevitably will lead to sin.

The Footsteps of God

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray explains how we can see the footsteps of God, not only in history but in our own lives. He talks about how this was worked out in Abraham’s life to separate good and evil. God’s purpose is to destroy the works of the devil, do you see the footsteps of God in your life?