'John 1' Tagged Posts

'John 1' Tagged Posts

On Believing Ground

Flowers that grow from bulbs have to be pulled up and put in storage for the winter. Then, they will bloom in the spring. This can sometimes describe our Christian experience. We get pulled out of our normal or comfortable situation. Though we may feel raw and not understand God’s purpose, we do know that he is protecting us from the “winter freeze.” When we end up in this situation, it is time to pray. We’re to stand on believing…

How Big Is Your Jesus? (February 2017)

Your answer to the above question will not have any bearing on how big Jesus really is, but it will reveal the condition of your own heart. If you respond to the light of Jesus with eagerness, and offer everything to him, Jesus will appear very large. If Jesus seems small to you, and you’ve shirked away from the light you have, you are agreeing with darkness. God isn’t grading on a curve. The only way to enter heaven is…

Unresolved Charges in Heaven?

Sometimes, we can get let time and love gloss over unresolved conflicts with others. But when it comes to our crimes against God, the courts of heaven will not let anything slide. God allows suffering to come into our lives as corrective discipline to turn our hearts back to Him. But if we rail against this discipline with grumbling or anger, we prove our disloyalty to God, break His heart, and push him closer to an eternal divorce. The scriptures teach…

How Big Is Your Jesus?

Jesus, the creator of Heaven and Earth, is bigger than we can imagine–but how big He appears to you will depend on how close you are to Him. Many people who are called by Jesus are too large and are unwilling to submit to the pruning process that will reduce them. Millions upon millions around the world will never have the light you have about Jesus–have you eagerly run to the light that you have? Or have you hidden in darkness and contempt…

Determined to Be a Doulos of Jesus

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ provides for a full reclamation of the human race from sin right now. In Christ, we are restored to the holy and blameless condition of Adam and Eve in the garden. The only reason the world is still in such a miserable condition is because sinners refuse to repent and believe in the full and present salvation of Christ. Beloved, it is time to cast out your love of sin and unbelief and…

A Gift from God (That Keeps God Talking!)

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray continues the study of Hebrews with a focus on what is real, which only comes from the hand of God. He reviews both the “Logos” (the creative idea behind everything that is created, i.e. Jesus) and “Rhema” (the breathed word of God). Listen closely to understand the difference between the offering made by Abel and Cain and determine in your heart to be an Abel and no longer to be a Cain (a wanderer).

Walk in the Light of Jesus!

Sister Kathryn, following John Chapter 1, talks about walking in the light of Jesus. We must choose to walk in the glorious light of Jesus or walk in the darkness of the devil. It’s a continuous choice that we must make.

In the Beginning Was the Word

Jesus came as the light and when He always casts out the darkness. Light and darkness cannot co-exist. We must allow the full light of Jesus to transform us. Will you enter into the presence of Jesus, and allow Him to cast out all of the darkness? We are all children of the devil and there must be a new birth in order for Jesus to transform us.