'Isaiah 6' Tagged Posts

'Isaiah 6' Tagged Posts

What It Means to Pray Through – B.H. Clendennen (1975)

Today’s encore sermon from a dear Pastor named B.H. or Burt Clendennen. Pastor Clendennen clearly articulates both from the scriptures and his own personal life on what it means to pray through. God puts us in impossible places where we can’t deliver ourselves to where we must learn to stand upon the promises in the scriptures or things that the Holy Spirit has whispered into our hearts. Listen and be blessed and stand upon the promises of God, regardless of…

Your Guilt Is Taken Away

God’s remedy for hard-hearted Christians is the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit. To receive this cleansing, the individual must repent of any hypocrisy or disobedience. [wpdevart_youtube]PzHOjy5viKE[/wpdevart_youtube]

Turn, Jesus Will Heal You!

At the beginning of our story, “Holy Ann” is unconverted and illiterate. When Mrs. McKay hires Ann to help in her home, the mistress begins to pray with and for Ann. Though unenthused by the church meetings, Ann one night feels led to pray alone. Through a miraculous encounter with the Holy Spirit, she becomes a Christian whose faith will be so remarkable that others nickname her “Holy Ann.” Her story is an inspiration to those of us praying for…

Face to Face with God

No one but the prophet Isaiah saw the Lord, high and lifted up, that day in the temple. Why? Why didn’t everyone see God’s glory? Simply, they were too concerned with other things. Worldliness, materialism, ambition, and religious tradition prevented them from coming face to face with God. However, a closer look at this temple reveals the stages of salvation in the New Covenant. The altar of burnt offering, the laver, and the holy of holies each symbolize a state…