'Hebrews 4' Tagged Posts

'Hebrews 4' Tagged Posts

The Hardening of The Heart

Today’s powerful message concerns the great need to pray through to victory, which for most of us requires dealing with unbelief. Pastor Ray shares the powerful conversion testimony of Charles Finney, along with many scriptures. Don’t harden your heart but rather come to Jesus and be set free.

Put Off the Old Man

Pastor Ray continues in Pilgrim’s Progress as Christian leaves the valley of humiliation. The call is to put off the old man and put on the new man. Are you suffering because you’re wanting to walk out your life your way or are you suffering because you’ve fully given yourself to Jesus? We must also allow the fire of God to melt away all shame and the fear of man in our hearts. Listen to the message and allow the…

The Majestic Mercy of God

The sabbath, the church, and the majestic mercy of God dovetail. When the gospel is practiced in integrity, the church becomes a safe place of rest–a perpetual sabbath. Then, it is safe to be vulnerable about one’s sin and suffering. And, in that vulnerability, to find restoration through Christ.

True Intimacy with God

Since the beginning of creation, God intended to carve out a space in his heart to love mankind. Holy intimacy with God prevailed in the Garden of Eden. But, God alone can’t maintain this intimacy. Instead, intimacy requires mutual, reciprocal sacrifice. First, God creates a space in his heart for us. Then, we choose to respond by creating a space in our heart for him. This space is created only by sacrifice. The children of Israel are an example of…

Go into the Bedroom of God

Jesus warns us that if we harden our hearts, we will not enter his rest. This rest is the bedroom of God. It is resting in Jesus, believing God’s rhema word to us, and having our prayers answered. But what does this look like practically? The first step is to repent of any hardness, judgments, or accusations against Jesus or others. All these are forms of unbelief, which is rebellion. Then, be sure that you’re committed to receive only from…

Absolute Surrender! (February 2017)

Abraham entered covenant with the Lord, received promises, but still let himself be controlled by his circumstances. Famine drove him to Egypt, and Sarah’s barrenness led him to Hagar. Finally, he came to a place where he trusted that God would not break his word. Reasoning through the promises of God enabled Abraham to move forward and offer his son Isaac in faith. When God delivered, Abraham fell down on his face and worshiped God for the first time. He’d…

Absolute Surrender!

God knew that Abraham was sold out to Him when Abraham didn’t withhold his son Isaac. Today, God tests us to see if we’re withholding anything from Him. God isn’t stingy–He will provide. He wants to give us His son! But, if we hold onto our life, we will be robbed of the power to live righteously. Are you absolutely surrendered to Jesus?

Mere Prattle without Practice (James 3)

Have you wasted years of your life in empty talk? Have your words been good while your actions were evil? If so, there is hope: if you give full ownership of your life to Jesus, you will do the will of God from your heart with joy. Jesus does not bless those who know the truth, but those who do the truth. Are you walking in the honesty which comes when your words and actions totally agree? Do you speak…

Get to Jesus!

American Christians, as a whole, have jettisoned the true gospel. Many teach that we can still be saved even if we love the world and walk according to our own understanding. But the gospel of Jesus Christ requires us to die to our sin in order to be born again. Has the supernatural work of God transformed you into a new creature in Christ? Or have you just used a little bit of Jesus spray paint to gussy up the…

The Testimony of Mr. Fearing (July 10, 2012)

Has your spiritual progress been stalled by fear and doubt, even though you love Jesus? If so, the character Mr. Fearing of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress offers great encouragement. If you walk clean under the blood, you do not need to worry about your final acceptance with God. Beloved! The heart of Jesus overflows with passionate love to receive you. Will you just come as a child and trust him?

Walk by the Words of Jesus

We must measure our lives by the words of Jesus and His supernatural work and not by what we think or feel.  Pastor explains the process of being saved, through the story of Peter and the infirmed woman in Luke 13. He also explains and distinguishes atonement versus redemption. Listen to the message slowly and let the Holy Spirit teach you.
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