'Hebrews 10' Tagged Posts

'Hebrews 10' Tagged Posts

And Then Sudden Destruction

Today’s message is the first in a new series focusing on the book of Romans. We’ve had broadcasts on this before but the Holy Spirit continues to sharpen and simplify the message and we’ve reached a crisis in the American church, which must be confronted and dealt with, lest we be swept away. Get out your Bible and follow along and share this message with family and friends.

Stand by the Facts

The gospel includes certain facts. For example, Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead. If we are in covenant with Jesus, we have eternal life. However, the gospel also includes some less commonly known facts. For example, the book of Hebrews reveals that if a born-again person deliberately keeps sinning, there is no more sacrifice for those sins. When we know all the facts of the gospel, we can stand with confidence in our salvation in Jesus.

Run to Jesus for Refuge

What does it look like to run to Jesus for refuge? Brother Bevington, a 20th-century American evangelist, cut it straight. “Get right with God! Get on your knees and cry out loud for mercy!” Bevington issued these directions not to unbelievers, but to church members in good standing. The resulting meeting continued for over eight days. Bevington preached only a little. And when he did, he focused on the judgment and the wrath of God. He spent his days offsite,…

The Purpose of God (in Your Life) (Radio Remix)

Do you know the purpose of God for your life? God shaped all of earth’s history through men and women’s faith in a rhema word from Him. Jesus Christ invites you, as a member of his church, to do the same. If you do know the purpose of God for your life, are you walking in it in faith? If not, will you? Or, if this is new to you, listen to this week’s messages, including this one. Sister Kathryn’s…

The Purpose of God (in Your Life)

This thrilling sermon lays out that all of earth’s history has been shaped by men and women’s faith in a rhema word of God–and that God wants to do the same with you, as a member of His church. Are you cognizant of God’s Spirit-breathed word (i.e. his rhema) of the specific purpose of your life? Are you obeying it? If this is new to you, you must listen to this message and be encouraged to get to Jesus NOW…

The Vital Elements of the Christian Faith (October 2014)

Building on yesterday’s message, Pastor Ray delves into the lives of John Calvin and Jacobus Arminius and their doctrinal movements with the Synod of Dort and the Remonstrance. Calvin killed and imprisoned those who disagreed with him, while Arminius brought to light the lie of the sinning Christian and the truth that we can live without sin in this life. In the 1700s, the Wesley brothers uncovered the doctrine of entire sanctification, thereby restoring the apostolic doctrine of Christianity. This…

How Will You Survive in Rephidim? (Hebrews 12)

As Moses lead the Israelities to Rephidim, God leads us to that same place. Rephidim literally means “a place in the desert,” which is where God tests our hearts and our attitudes before Him. Every true Christian has a place of great suffering and/or great suffering in the midst of compassion for those around them. It’s time to get serious with Jesus, as He is God Almighty and leave this illusion that we have any power, when in reality we have none, we’re simply…

Is It Too Hard to Follow Jesus? (2011)

Consider this sermon, a review of the old and new covenants. Pastor Ray asks the question is it too hard to follow Jesus? Have you faced the truth about yourself before God? Is Jesus is simply an add-on to an already full life? You must make a decision to be crucified with Christ and it only becomes hard to follow Jesus when we’re walking under the law.

Faith That Changes the Ages!

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray explains what faith is, as well as the commonly misunderstood use of the term in the modern church. Listen to the message and go to a Strong’s concordance and follow along with the Greek, and the wonderful mystery of Hebrews 11 will be unfolded for you. Will you remain under the authority of Jesus and let Him accomplish what He wants in your heart and life?

An Answer to Hard Times

Pastor Ray continues his exposition of Hebrews by finishing up Hebrews 10, and integrates it with some other scriptures. It’s time to cast off the cheap cultural Christianity and the cotton candy Jesus and to be fully crucified with Jesus. Come in power to rescue your people Lord Jesus!

Will You Awaken from Your Slumber?

Today’s message is a call to wake up as we see chaos and destruction on every front. It’s time for the church to awake from its slumber. Are you awake or asleep in the Spirit? Have you believed in the lie of the sinning Christian, which has ultimately led to God’s judgment upon America (more than once). If you are asleep, don’t be content with that and cry out to Jesus for deliverance.

Draw Near to God with a Sincere Heart

Pastor Ray continues with the study of Hebrews, today’s focus being on the first half of Hebrews 10 and John 15. We would strongly encourage you to read and pray before you begin to listen to the broadcast. Make a decision in your heart that you will believe Jesus to break every bondage and set you free to serve Him, and others at the call of the Holy Spirit. It’s a sobering and straightforward word straight from the heart of Jesus.