'Galatians 5' Tagged Posts

'Galatians 5' Tagged Posts

It’s Clean Up Time

Jesus has come to clean up the modern American church, which has sought prosperity and success, rather than true holiness and humility. This requires a crucifixion. Will you allow Jesus to go all the way to the bottom, so that your heart can be exposed and subsequently changed by Jesus himself as you undergo the crucifixion?

This is Eternal Life

Pastor Ray goes back to John 15 and raises the question about where does your sustenance come from. Who does your life depend upon on? Is it your own ability or perhaps a spouse? None of us are self-sustaining, we need the mighty sustaining power of Jesus to survive. Are you willing to allow all self-sufficiency and entitlement to be pruned from your heart?

Remain in Jesus!

We are called to be fruitful for the kingdom of God and Jesus wants to demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit and fruit as a soul-winner. Our only interest is for Jesus to be the consuming fire of our lives. Will you make the decision to remain in Jesus and let everything else go?

How to Bear Fruit

Christians don’t produce fruit; they bear fruit. Often, people think that they have to “work on” being patient, kind, humble, or forgiving. But all the Christian virtues–such as patience, forgiveness, and love–are produced in a person by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that if we would remain or abide in him, we would bear this fruit. Pastor Ray shares how you can transition from trying to produce your own fruit to bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit. When we…

I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel (2004)

In today’s encore sermon, Pastor Ray contrasts the true versus the false gospel. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (i.e. the sin) in your life and mine. Have you allowed Him to do that by dying to your own life? Be encouraged to fully surrender and be transformed by the mighty power of the blood of Jesus. Victory in Jesus can be today, right now!

Grace to the Humble

Today’s classic sermon from 2008, melds portions of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7) with Galatians 5 and 6 and James Chapter 4. It’s a call to confront darkness and lay down our expectations of others, and allow the love of Jesus to freely flow from our hearts to others. As we do that, many will separate from us but God in his great kindness will provide grace to the humble so that we may endure. Allow the Holy…

Loving My Beloved

The focus of today’s sermon is again on the binding of the strong man (from Matthew 12). Pastor Ray asks two critical questions as you listen to this: (1) Can the Holy Spirit through you use the power of the blood of Jesus to bind the strong man (to break the devil’s control) in your life in some specific way (e.g. in your marriage, with your health, with someone in your family who needs Jesus or some other impossible circumstance)…

Blessing or Curses? (2004)

Today’s sermon from 2004, Pastor Ray talks about what happens after a Red Sea deliverance. We are just like the Israelites and we will determine, by whether we choose to obey God’s commands, to allow the blessings of God to permeate our lives or the curses will begin to come upon us.  Listen to the message and understand the blessings that Jesus wants to give you under the new covenant.

Set Your Heart on Jesus

Using Malachi, John 14, and Galatians 5, Pastor Ray asked the question have you made an acceptable offering before the Lord, where you have divorced your sin and have been crucified with Christ or have you offered a profane offering before the Lord? That’s only a question you can prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit. May you set your heart like flint to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, He is enough but the only acceptable offering to Jesus is everything!

It Is for Freedom, that Christ Set Us Free

We need to stop trying to create our own reality, but simply trust Jesus and allow Him to create His reality. Demonic spirits want us to believe that the battle is between us and them but in reality “the battle belongs to the Lord.” The love of God is freedom, not bondage, as we serve our spouses, our workmates and those around us. The key point of the message is that the ONLY thing that matters is faith expressing itself…