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Mighty Revelations in a Straw Stack – 2012

On today’s encore sermon, Pastor Ray uses a powerful story from Brother G.C. Bevington’s book “Remarkable Miracles” to highlight our great need to humble ourselves and obey Jesus. Are you willing to obey the word of Jesus even if that may make you appear to be foolish in the eyes of the world? Have you really given yourself fully to Jesus?? It’s time to go through.

It’s Time to Pray

Guy Bevington, a traveling holiness preacher, promoted a revival in Indiana. Many of the Methodist church’s 300 members admitted they weren’t saved. Then, many prayed through to salvation. Meanwhile, Bevington hid in a haystack. His eccentric and persistent prayer approach created a connection with God. Through that channel, God’s power flowed and fueled revival. Today, it’s time to pray just as Bevington did.

God Can Save Anyone

As our Christmas gift to you, we share a powerful story from the life of G.C. Bevington. In answer to one man’s prayers, the Holy Spirit led Bevington to Chattanooga, Tennessee. On arrival, he was told to preach that night. At the meeting, church members tried to remove a man who’d been an alcoholic for 10 years. Bevington insisted that he stay. The two spent hours wrestling while Bevington prayed for the demon of whiskey to come out. This man…

Run to Jesus for Refuge

What does it look like to run to Jesus for refuge? Brother Bevington, a 20th-century American evangelist, cut it straight. “Get right with God! Get on your knees and cry out loud for mercy!” Bevington issued these directions not to unbelievers, but to church members in good standing. The resulting meeting continued for over eight days. Bevington preached only a little. And when he did, he focused on the judgment and the wrath of God. He spent his days offsite,…

Trust in the Presence of God

Jesus identified three conditions that a person must meet to be in the presence of God. The first is to deny yourself. The second is to take up your cross. And the third is to follow Jesus. So what does this mean, practically? One common mistake is confusing the call of the Holy Spirit with God’s presence. The Holy Spirit will call a sinner to fulfill the three above conditions. But until the sinner actually does, he is not converted and is…

A Christmas Gift from Jesus! (Encore)

Guy Bevington, an old-time American holiness evangelist in the 1900s, took God at his word when he promised to give us a Savior from sin, not in sin. In this encore Christmas Eve offertory, Pastor Ray weaves together the story of the birth of Christ with Bevington’s importunity in prayer that moved God to save Tom and Liz, an alcoholic couple, and transform them into new, holy people in Christ! Will you take Jesus at his word and receive this amazing…

No More ‘Buts’! (James 1)

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray shifts gears and focuses on a story from Chapter 3 of the book “Remarkable Miracles” by G.C. Bevington, a Holy Spirit evangelist.  Bevington would pray until he got an answer, which is what “praying through” means. Pastor Ray recounts his own experiences as well and the “but” (i.e. the excuses) must all be laid down. All you willing to lay down your excuses and wait before Jesus for the answer to that cry of your…

Jesus Is the Foundation of Life (Encore)

On today’s encore broadcast, Pastor Ray uses a story from that wonderful book, Remarkable Miracles and G.C. Bevington. Is Jesus the foundation of your life or do you have some other foundation? 

Do You Have a Fixed Determination to Get Right with Jesus? (Encore)

Today is another broadcast from the book entitled “Remarkable Miracles” by G.C. (or Guy) Bevington. He was an itinerant holiness preacher in Southern Ohio and Kentucky primarily and was also one of the first students in a Bible school called “God’s Bible School” which still exists in downtown Cincinnati. Has Jesus become real to you? Listen to the broadcast and make an honest decision to get right with Jesus today!

Humble Your Heart and Endure Suffering (Encore)

On today’s message we focus open another wonderful story from the book “Remarkable Miracles” by G.C. Bevington. Are you willing to humble your heart before Jesus until he comes to answer the cry of your heart? We must be willing to become small or humble our hearts before Jesus and endure the suffering that comes in the waiting and Jesus will rescue us! Listen to today’s message and be encouraged to fully trust Jesus.

Does Jesus Answer Prayers? (Encore)

Does Jesus actually step into time and space to change you and you circumstances? Do you believe that he can? Listen to another story from the book Remarkable Miracles by G.C. Bevington and see how Jesus wants to personally intervene in your life to change your heart and your mind and turn your eyes toward heaven.

Pray to Jesus, and Don’t Give Up! (Encore)

This week on Pilgrim Progress we’re going to be replaying, as we did today, a number of stories from G.C. Bevington’s book, “Remarkable Miracles.” It’s been published a number of different times with different titles, if you would like to read it online, here’s a great place to do so. In today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray lays out Brother Bevington’s conversion and his own decision to seek Jesus, regardless of what the costs were. “You will seek me and find me when you…
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