'Exposition of Hebrews Series' Tagged Posts

'Exposition of Hebrews Series' Tagged Posts


Entering by the Promise!

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about entering into the life of Christ, which comes through crucifixion (by Jesus) and a quick transition to entering into the promises of God.
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Pursue Peace and Purity

During today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray talks about God’s great design to give us heart purity, where we no longer participate in the wickedness of the world. There is no purification of heart without suffering.

The Peaceful Fruit of Righteousness

“Now all discipline for the present does not seem to be joyful, but painful; then later it gives back the peaceful fruit of righteousness to the ones having been trained by it.”

God’s Purpose in Our Suffering and Hardship

Pastor Ray’s focus is on God’s purpose in suffering and hardship in our lives. These things are the handlebars that God uses to grab our attention, so that we may turn our hearts fully in surrender to Jesus Christ.

A Call to the Half-Converted

Listen to the message and determine if you are indeed half-converted and make the decision to give yourself fully into the hand of Jesus. The half-converted cannot enter the kingdom of God.