'Ephesians 1' Tagged Posts

'Ephesians 1' Tagged Posts

Sealed By The Holy Spirit of Promise

Pastor Ray talks about the necessity of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and clearly lays out the scriptural basis for it. The sermons are listed in the tags. Do you see the great need for this baptism and will you do whatever the Holy Spirit tells you so that you can receive this power. Listen closely to this very powerful message. Here’s a link to the Lavender New Testament if you don’t have one. We fully support Pastor Lavender…

The Desperate Need For Deep Conviction

Our great need and desire as Christians is to be baptized with the Spirit of God and have people we know and love finally give themselves fully to Jesus. For that great baptism to come, there must first be a desperation in our hearts and right now the American church, by and large, is dead, indifferent and focused on itself. This has to change. Is your heart on fire for Jesus? Todays message will prove to very beneficial to you…

Are You Blocked Out of God’s Presence?

Are you blocked out of God’s presence? If it’s unclear to you, then we strongly recommend you to listen to today’s message. It’s a very sobering time and we must prepare our hearts to meet Jesus.

Do Not Force God to Leave You (November 2016)

The Spirit of God confronts us with the holiness of God and our own, particular sins. If we persistently reject the Spirit of God with excuses, grumbling, or rebellion; or by insisting, “I sin every day, and God is just going to have to accept me how I am,” the Holy Spirit will leave us. Such persons may be left with a shell of religion, but they are lost. This earth exists because God has preordained a church that will…

A New Creation

There is no sanctification after death. A close look at the original Greek text overturns a cornerstone of this false gospel: Jesus did not become sin. Instead, “The one not having experienced sin took sin on our behalf in order that we might be made righteous.” The death of Christ condemned all who sin. You must become righteous and holy now, or you never will be. Would how you are living right now be acceptable in heaven? Won’t you fly…

Do Not Force God to Leave You! (Ephesians 1)

God’s warning in Genesis 6 was that “My spirit shall not always strive with man.” If you have not renounced and forsaken all the manifestations of the flesh, you are grieving the Spirit of God. You must go all the way through the crucifixion with Jesus and come through into the fulness and fruit of the Holy Spirit.  Do not by your impenitence or simply your ignorance, force God to leave you!

God’s Redemptive Plan for the Church!

The bride of Christ, the church, will overcome and be forever holy and wedded to Jesus! God has set His heart on the church and put her on display to the entire universe. This is the big picture of salvation. Will you choose to be part of that holy wife of God?

Determined to Be a Doulos of Jesus

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ provides for a full reclamation of the human race from sin right now. In Christ, we are restored to the holy and blameless condition of Adam and Eve in the garden. The only reason the world is still in such a miserable condition is because sinners refuse to repent and believe in the full and present salvation of Christ. Beloved, it is time to cast out your love of sin and unbelief and…

Loving My Beloved (August 28, 2016)

If you’re in covenant with Jesus, God is investing in your life. You are under a process of cultivation with a definite end: for the Holy Spirit, through you, to use the power of the atonement to break the devil’s dominion, bind the strong man, and steal his goods. What have you done with God’s investment? Have you humbled your heart and determined to quickly do everything that Jesus tells you to do? Or have you stolen the investment and…

Blessing or Curses? (2004)

Today’s sermon from 2004, Pastor Ray talks about what happens after a Red Sea deliverance. We are just like the Israelites and we will determine, by whether we choose to obey God’s commands, to allow the blessings of God to permeate our lives or the curses will begin to come upon us.  Listen to the message and understand the blessings that Jesus wants to give you under the new covenant.

The Revolutionary Resurrection!

The word revolutionary is defined as tending to produce a revolution. Revolution is simply the motion of a body round any fixed point or center. After our crucifixion, Jesus brings to a place where our lives totally revolve around Him and His body (i.e., the church). There’s such an incredible work that Jesus wants to do in us, if we’ll simply yield and surrender to Him. May the Holy Spirit quicken this word to your heart. Jesus doesn’t call us…