'Entire sanctification' Tagged Posts (Page 4)

'Entire sanctification' Tagged Posts (Page 4)

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Wholly Given Up to God!

I’m not saved from ignorance or shortcomings, neither from mistakes and infirmities of various kinds. Yet I believe it to be a Christian’s privilege to love God with an undivided heart and his neighbor as himself.” Amen!
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A Clean Heart!

Pastor Ray describes the journey of John G. Govan on the path to a clean heart. God gave this dear brother a divorce from sin and a new life in Christ ensued.
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The Heart Cry For Holiness

Jesus focus is to build the kingdom of God. He’s taking us to a place where we give up the need to be somebody and all of the pride of our heart has been emptied.
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Life of Elizabeth Baxter

Elizabeth Baxter made this transformation from “I am” it’s all about me to that of the real “I am” the all powerful God, have you allowed God to do this great work in your heart?
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William Bramwell, Apostle of Prayer

Like William Bramwell, knew and experienced the wonderful gift of entire sanctification, are you willing to cry out to Jesus for this precious gift, knowing that it will cost you everything?

It Is for Freedom, that Christ Set Us Free

The love of God is freedom, not bondage, as we serve our spouses, our workmates and those around us. The key point of the message is that the ONLY thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love.