'Elijah Company' Tagged Posts

'Elijah Company' Tagged Posts

Send the Rain! (1 Kings 18)

God has delayed His judgments  to give Christians time to pray for personal and national repentance and revival. He seeks an Elijah company: individuals who refuse compromise with evil, abandon all hopes for fame, and devote time to earnestly pray. Have you, by faith, been made righteous so that you can cooperate with Jesus in His revival plan? Are you at all sensible of the hundreds around you who are under sentence of death, who will meet you at the judgment, and, if you…

The Journey Out of the Wilderness

When we come to Christ earnestly and are crucified with Christ and born from above, one of God’s ways is to take us to a desert place where it oftentimes appears from our vantage point that we will be utterly destroyed. As God rescues and delivers us, His faith begins to rise in our hearts and we trust Him regardless of the mountain we see. As we repent and fully die out (assuming we’re willing to die out), there comes a point…

The Maturing of Elijah (and the Elijah Company)

Today’s broadcast is the last one in this transformational series on the Elijah company. If you’ve missed any of the broadcasts and sermons that fits in the series, simply look below the title and click “Elijah company” and you’ll be able to see the entire series at one time. Today’s broadcasts reveals how God transformed Elijah’s heart to where he was neither a pleaser to King Ahab or to Elisha, his successor but his heart was to fully please God.…

The Faith from God (in the Elijah Company)

These messages are exceedingly difficulty to provide brief summations, given their meaty nature. The primary focus of today is on the faith from God. Using 1 Corinthians 2 and Mark 11, Pastor Ray makes the point that simply being in the presence of Jesus must be the all-consuming goal of the Elijah company but none of us can make it to God on our own. Flesh only produces flesh. You can’t pump up faith like a football. Mark 11:22 says And Jesus having…

The Lord, He IS God!

Today’s broadcast focuses upon learning to pray as Elijah did. Listen to a continuation of the series of the Elijah company  (1 Kings 18:37 Answer me, LORD, answer me, so these people will know that you, LORD, are God, and that you are turning their hearts back again.”) Is your interest in the Lord God of heaven or are you like Ahab, seeking entertainment of some kind?

An End to Self Absorption (in the Elijah Company) (2004)

One of the implied requirements to being a part of the Elijah company, is an utter end to the self absorption. It’s quite literally consumed most of my life “to be all you can be” and this is something that only Jesus can change. I encourage you to prayerfully listen and allow the Holy Spirit to quicken the message to your heart. It’s time to grow up in Jesus and allow God to begin to mold the Elijah company. I…

The Call of the Elijah Company

This is a continuation of the series on the call of the Elijah company. Pastor Ray provides an overview of prior broadcast and lays out the elements required to be a part of the Elijah company. Are you willing to allow Jesus to make you a member of the Elijah company or is there something more important to you than that?

The Cleansing Fire of God!

Pastor Ray summarizes the week’s broadcasts on the Elijah company and outlines the elements of this company. The Lord is calling for an Elijah company that will let go of all things of the flesh and function in the Spirit and be totally sold out to Jesus. It’s time for a Mt. Carmel experience for the American church, are you willing to forsake everything and cry out to God for judgment unto repentance?

From Heel-Grabber to Overcomer (in the Elijah Company) (Encore)

This is a replay from several years ago but it’s critically important if you’re still walking in the Jacob (or heel-grabber) nature to where everything in your life is about how you can use it to improve your life. You must make the transition to that of an overcomer. All of us must make this transition, if we are to enter the kingdom of God.

More about the Elijah Company

A continuation of the broadcasts on the Elijah company. We are called to become part of the Elijah company, even though at it may at times appear that death may overwhelm us. We must allow Jesus to become our food and drink, if we are to be sustained.  Do we have freedom in Jesus or do we fear death?

No Caterwauling in the Elijah Company

Pastor Ray continues the series on the prophet Elijah. It’s clear in the scriptures that caterwauling (a whining sound a cat makes when they can’t get what they want must cease). Are you willing to allow Jesus transform you into a member of the Elijah company?

More about Elijah, the Sold Out Man of God

Pastor James tells us that Elijah was human, just as we are (James 5:17  (NIV) Elijah was a human being, even as we are. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years.) The real question is not whether Elijah is like us but whether we will be like Him, sold out to God, to such a degree where God could use him to confront the wickedness of…
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