'Beatitudes' Tagged Posts

'Beatitudes' Tagged Posts

Gathering Humility and Love From Every Trial

After we have heeded the three hearkens, where does the focus of our life shift to? It shifts to the fruits born by the Spirit, that are laid out by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount as we obey and submit to Him. Have you entered the narrow way? If the answer is yes, then listen intently to what Jesus wants to do in your heart and mine.

Weeping before Jesus

Thanks be to Jesus, Pastor Ray is back on the radio from 1-2 p.m. continuing the study of the book of Hebrews. In addition to resuming the study in Hebrews 3, he also includes the highlights of the Sunday sermon on the Beatitudes, which we were unable to successfully record. Today’s message is a stern warning from Hebrews 3, which says in part, “Today if you hear His voice, May you not harden your hearts, as in the rebellion.” Have…

How to Be Happy? (2008)

Today’s post is part of a series on the Beatitudes and this one is the first message. This will provide a foundation for an understanding of the Sermon on the Mount. Each of the beatitudes begin “Blessed is he” which literally means happy is he. Isn’t it time that you become happy in Jesus? I’ll leave you with the words of that blessed hymn: Trust and obey, For there’s no other wayTo be happy in Jesus,But to trust and obey