'Abraham' Tagged Posts

'Abraham' Tagged Posts

Sodom and Gomorrah

It’s become clear that America has become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Will you stand against the forces of darkness, the principalities and powers, that wish to destroy this country? We invite you to join us in crying out to Jesus in the midst of the judgments that are about to fall. Will you stand with us that this descent into darkness would be turned back in America or are you like Lot’s wife loving the things of the…

The Glory of God!

The Glory of God of God is an awesome thing and will result in great joy and refreshment or judgment as in the case of Ananias and Sapphira. The only safe way to prepare for such a visitation is to be absolutely honest about everything before Him. Are you ready for the glory of Jesus to come?

The Promise That Comes by Faith – 2011

In today’s encore sermon, Pastor Ray describes the process where we’re made righteous by faith using the life of Abraham to illustrate. Have you received that precious promise of righteousness or innocence in your life?

Laughing at God?

Pastor Ray continues with the story of Abraham integrated in with the study of the book of James. How easy it is to be like Sarah where our unbelief is hidden behind a veil of laughter? Are you laughing at God based upon your actions and believe that you can make something happen, even for God, in your own power and strength?

The Lord Will Provide! (2004)

On today’s broadcast, a sermon from 2004, Pastor Ray focuses on the life of Abraham. We must do as Abraham did and lay those things most precious to our hearts on the altar of God as a sign of worship. As we do this with our tears, Jesus will make atonement for our sins. Listen to the sermon and take courage to give everything over to Jesus. 

This World Is Not My Home

Pastor Ray continues with the study of Hebrews. Jesus wants to take us with Him on our journey and He alone will be the pilot of your life and mine (i.e. Jesus will never be your co-pilot). Have you made this transition to the agenda of Jesus or have you attempted to add Jesus into “your life?”  It’s time for the independent life to be given up to Jesus, so that His agenda can be fulfilled in your life and mine.

How Far Have You Come by Faith?

On today’s broadcast, Pastor Ray asks the question how far have you come by faith? Is it a real journey or is it simply a sentimental one? Listen to the journey that God has called you to and make the decision to follow Jesus today.

Living as a Stranger in the Promised Land

Using the life of Noah and Abraham, Pastor Ray talks about the focus of being a pilgrim, a sojourner. God takes us out of our comfort zone to where everything begins to come from His hand in our lives (and not our hands). He transforms us from settlers into pioneers to where the focus of God’s heart becomes our own for the lost and for those who have been beaten down by the devil’s lies. Are you a stranger on a journey to…

The Lord Will Provide! (November 9, 2004)

In this sermon, Pastor Ray lays out the self-reliance of Abraham and how God ultimately transformed him. He was not unlike us, who have seen self-reliance as a virtue and not for what it actually is (i.e. pride). The Holy Spirit always goes for the root of sin, will you allow Him to expose and remove that in your heart today? Will you trust Jesus to be your provider or do you still want to be a little god?