'2 Kings 5' Tagged Posts

'2 Kings 5' Tagged Posts

A New Conviction of Sin

Naaman the Syrian, afflicted by leprosy, sought out the king of Israel for a cure. Then, the prophet Elijah stepped in and asked Naaman to come to him for healing. On the way, a messenger met Naaman and told him to wash 7 times in the Jordan River and be healed. Though Naaman knew he had leprosy and wanted a cure, his initial response was a proud rejection. But, he humbled his heart, went to the river, and received healing.…

Receiving from the Hand of the Lord

(NOTE: We lost the first couple of minutes due to some recording issues, which was a summary of last Sunday’s sermon.) Today’s sermon is another in the series on Elisha and the focus is upon the life of Gehazi, who chose to go after Naaman to get what he thought he was owed. His life is distinguished from the life of Elisha, who simply waited in the presence of the Lord. Pastor Ray provides his testimony where he made that…

Secrets of the Heart

Pastor Ray lays out what the word of God does as we mature in Jesus. It uncovers those poison pills (or things that would do us or others harm) and uncovers those secret treasures that we can cling to. He uses the story of Naaman, the great commander of Aram 2 Kings 5) to illustrate the process that God wants to take us through, to grow us into men and women of God.