'1 John 3' Tagged Posts

'1 John 3' Tagged Posts

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When Our Hearts Condemn Us

Has your heart been turned aside due to condemnation from the devil? If you can answer yes, this message will be very helpful to you in your walk with Jesus.

Understanding Gospel Language

Today’s powerful message will set you free to those who desire to be free but our Bible language must be changed to comport with the scriptures, lest we believe lies.
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Foolish, Disobedient, And Deceived

Are you still a foolish, disobedient and deceived one or are you one who is willing to give themselves fully to Jesus? If you’ve not made that decision, today is the day of salvation!
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The Beast Power Rising

Today’s sobering message is very difficult to summarize but lays out the framework for the beast power rising, which we all can readily see.