'1 John 2' Tagged Posts

'1 John 2' Tagged Posts

clouds during golden hour

Dark Shadows

Is your life under a cloud of dark shadows? Find out all about that on today’s Pilgrim’s Progress.
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Moving Into The Stillness Of God

Today’s message is a powerful message focusing primarily upon 1 John Chapter 3 and 1 John Chapter 2. Let Jesus bring you into victory over all the works of the devil.
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Weighed On The Scales

Today’s message is about Belshazzar, a son of Nebuchadnezzar from Daniel Chapter 5. The judgment of God was pronounced, do you see the writing on the wall for America and for your life? It’s time to get right with God.
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Go To Jesus Now

Find out today what it means to “Go to Jesus” or to leave the boat, that place where we’re comfortable but Jesus is not there.